grandchildren’s excellent adventure, part I.

A few weeks back my Mom and Tom hosted their annual Summer family get together. We missed Craig and Anna but the kiddos loved having quality cousin time with doting grandparents waiting in the wings.

The weekend was jam-packed so this post will be the first of many. My mom counts on me as the family historian to take a bazillion pictures for her yearly Shutterfly book. Which of course is a three step process – taking them, blogging them, and then actually uploading them to Shutterfly. Slow and steady. 😉

The first evening of our visit was spent like many others at Grama and Grandad’s: with the kiddos availing themselves of every single activity that might possibly be on the docket. I think they manage to get through at least a dozen things within the first hour of our visit.

Grandad and Dave challenged one another to a pretty fierce game of horseshoes. Dave beat all opponents handily the entire weekend.

The girls obliged me a for a few shots but most of them ended up like this…

But then they all heard the siren call of the hill next door and that was all she wrote.

After five minutes of hill frolicking, boredom set in again. Boredom at Grama’s house is just a really good excuse to see what other hidden gem (aka Goodwill find) she has tucked away. SCORE!

Ephraim did a portrait of his Mommy. It ended up with a thought bubble with a heart inside. Swoon. I’ll keep him.

Charlotte worked on designing her own iPad.

And Sarah opted for a traditional flower.

When that wore off, the boys headed inside to challenge one another at Battleship (one of my Goodwill finds of the day).

With only three bedrooms but nine house guests my Mom got creative when it came to housing everyone. She used a screen to create a makeshift bedroom in the dining room, and she put the kiddos on…

the porch!

But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. And my sweet mama ended up folding herself onto the loveseat beside them for most of the night because they were (predictably) terrified.

(Also: we need a lovey intervention in this family.)

Somehow they all survived the night but each opted for a pallet next to their parents’ beds for the next sleep. Maybe next year Grama.

The next morning we fueled up with a breakfast of champions. Cereal and milk for Char and Ephraim (in their weekend-long designated cups, of course)

And Grandad’s famous bacon and omelets for the adults who know best.

Nobody cooks up breakfast like my stepdad. Nobody.

Then the kiddos headed outside for a bit more mischief-making. This time taking the form of a “restaurant” in the top of Grama and Grandad’s play set.

It happened to be Flag Day which brought the preschool teacher in my Mom bubbling enthusiastically to the surface. So she put together a little lesson on flags for the kiddos where they each made their own piece to a collaborative cousin flag.

Not pictured (thank goodness) is the portion of the lesson where Grandad taught the kids the appropriate and respectful way to dispose of a tattered flag.

Which happens to be by burning it.

Which is why later that weekend one of our children (name withheld to protect the innocent) jotted a note that said, “I burned a flag this weekend. It was awesome.”

Which is why our family is now on an NSA watch list. (Along with the rest of the United States but who’s counting.)

So much for Flag Day.

Keeping with the patriotic theme my Mom dug out this gem of my sister and me dressed as Abe Lincoln and Betsy Ross for a Flag Day parade in Panama in 1988.

Giving our children yet another reason to laugh mercilessly about us behind our backs. (As all children should).

But don’t worry Mom…we would never do that to you. 😉

GramaJuly 7, 2013 - 6:19 am

I love these and how you document our family weekends! Thank you, Erin I love you!

Jessica WJuly 7, 2013 - 9:31 am

I love seeing these pics each year!

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