don’t cry for the B-Ro.

I think my little post yesterday might have given some of you the notion that B-Ro went without any birthday hoopla. No way! His birthday was Thursday but we spent the entire weekend celebrating our little man. Saturday was his big birthday bash and then Sunday was his baptism. It was such a special weekend and he seemed to revel in all of it. I was reminded once again how happy I am that we chose to move “home”. All 6 of Ephraim’s grandparents were at his party and 3 of his 4 great grandparents were there! When he was baptized on Sunday and we needed two witnesses to sign the certificate we were thrilled to have his great grandparents each pen their names. That was something special.

So yes, there was a party. And he was pretty pumped about it…

I had lots of fun with the cake although I wish the second tier had been thinner…

The top tier was for the birthday boy. Grandaddy was there to help restrain him as he tried to grab for the fire.

And his big sister stepped in to save the day and make all his birthday wishes come true. Gotta love a big sister.

Of course there was lots of this…

We tried to have Brent behind the camera as much as possible to keep his foot out of his mouth. He made me promise not to blog this but he should know by now that nothing is sacred so here we go:

some relative or another: I think they’re about to cut the cake.

my dear Aunt Jenny: I love cake!

Brent: And it shows!

To be fair, Brent was referencing the fact that my Aunt Jenny is an AMAZING baker and creates the most beautiful, mouth-watering cakes you’ve ever seen or tasted. But still. It was funny. And we spent the rest of the day teasing him about it!

B-Ro’s love of cake showed too!

Then it was time to open presents which he was pretty into for a one-year old. Whenever he stalled a bit Sarah and our neighbor Betsy swooped in to help him out.

No actual pics of the present-opening since I was facilitating the tissue tearing but I have to share the hands-down best present for a one-year old ever:

My grandpa made this latch board using a cutting board and every cool brass closure he could find. To say it’s a hit would be an unbelievable understatement. If you’ve ever had a one-year old in your house then I’m sure you understand!
Lastly, a peek at the front of the invite…
Happy, happy birthday B-Ro.

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