love, less ordinary.

Ephraim’s birthday was last Thursday. It passed much the same way his first year did – in a cloud of errands and laundry and snacks and meals and life. I felt the sameness of the day like a heavy weight on my heart as I remembered Sarah’s first birthday. It was on a Saturday and felt like a celebration of her, of me, of her daddy from sunup to sundown. I longed for Ephraim’s birth anniversary to exude that same specialness but as the day passed the feeling kept escaping me. Then, as 5:45 approached (his birth moment), I realized the truth that was held in this seemingly normal day: that this precious son of ours brings joy to the ordinary. There is nothing mundane about everyday life with B-Ro. Not with squeals of delight punctuating the silence and crawl-into-your-lap snuggles to interrupt the work of the day. One year ago I questioned my ability to love and adore another quite the same way I did my first. But now I understand the heart-clutching power of the sweet, simple love that only a second child can bring. The fierce, unassuming, far from ordinary love.

Happy Birthday my sweetest boy.

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