randomness wins again!

Okay, that was tough. Just so everyone knows how I went about choosing the winners, I plugged the comment numbers into random.org and let it do its thing. I let it choose a random number for each item to be given away. If the comment number  initially chosen didn’t mention the giveaway item I was selecting for then I chose a new number until it did. If you find that you’ve won something, please contact me so I can get your prize sent your way!

One hour mentoring chat with me –

#439 – Kristin R. – “Wow awesome giveaway – congrats on the 5 years, you started it on AwEsome day as today’s my birthday!!!! Anyway I would love to win any of the mentoring sessions, especially with you!!!”

Mentoring chat with Chelsey of Mach C Photography –

#452 – Alissa – “Um… I’d take one of each – except the Unmanual and Clean Color. I’ve got that camera thing pretty good and I own CC. If I could put them in order – I’m going to pick the ipad first. (Please forgive me. I totally love you, you know that, but it’s an IPAD!!) Then I’m going to pick any of the three mentoring chats. You can assume that I’d pick you first of the three. I don’t do weddings but I assume I could still learn something good from Ms. Doolittle. Although I’m not local to you, I believe I’d drive my butt to see you if I won the session with you. FYI. You totally rock. I didn’t realize I’d found you so close to the beginning of your blogging life. That’s just crazy.”

Mentoring chat with Keri of Keri Doolittle Photography

#555  – Kristen Moore – “Oh my! How awesome are you! I don’t know what I couldn’t want or need. I’ll take anything you throw at me! Seriously, the mentoring session with you, Chelsey or Keri would be super helpful. And of course I could never turn down goodies like clean color, the unposing guide or an ipad!”

The UnManual by Miss DrewB

#171  – Kay B – “Congrats on your blogday and for reaching beyound your blog goals! I would love to win Unmanual Guide from Miss Drew B at Momtog.com or the ipad. Both would be benificial in my life (would either help with spelling? LOL!)”

The UnPosing Guide by Miss DrewB –

#61 – Liz – “The unposing guide, because we always pose at our house and it would be nice to learn something new.”

A free portrait session with yours truly and a 9×9 canvas:

#765 – Emily H. – “Happy Blogiversary!! I would love the iPad or the clean color copy or the free session.”

Five copies of my Clean Color Bundle (one copy for each winner):

#229 – Amy – “I would love to win a clean color bundle! What generous prizes you have )”

#180 – Wendi Junod – “Happy Blog Day. I adore your blog, photography and your funny humor. I would LOVE the iPad AND I would love the Clear Color greatness Thanks so much!! -wendi”

#532 – Dacia – “Congratulations! So many great prizes too! I would love to win anything, but instead of being greedy I’d say the mentoring with Keri, the iPad, or your clean color bundle. Here’s to many more years of success for you.”

#623 – Kelly R. – “happy 5th! i’ve been reading for around 3 years and don’t think i’ve missed one post. you are so relateable and real and i love that about you.
my first choice would be a session with you, BUT since i live in nebraska that won’t be happening. so, i would love either the iPad or your Clean Color workshop.
thanks for the chance to win these amazing prizes!”

#16 – Amanda – “I would love the unposing guide, the ipad or your clean color bundle! I love your blog, it’s been so much fun watching your kiddos grow!”

One additional Clean Color download will go the daughter of this man:

Tim – “Yes – my daughter got me to enter as well as my wife. Please have me win clean color so I can give it to her so we can all move on with our lives!”

(I’m a sucker for a daddy who will go to great lengths to make his little girl happy.)

And, finally, the new owner of the precious iPad (which I still don’t own and probably won’t anytime soon if I keep giving them away is…

#211 – Sarah – “happy happy blogday! Oohh, I was going to say the unmanual, because I think it would be just perfect and I’ve heard so many good things! But I’m going to go with the iPad…our little girl was just diagnosed with a severe speech disorder and her therapist uses one in their sessions and it’s amazing how it helps! We just aren’t up for purchasing one right now…maybe someday!”

Congrats to all of you! I was so touched when reading through the comments yesterday and today. I really just wanted to give back a small token of what you’ve all given me over the years. I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear such kind and heartwarming words and stories! Thank you so much for encouraging me yesterday. Happy Friday!

DaciaJanuary 28, 2011 - 1:27 pm

Yay! I’m so excited! Thank you!

Congratulations again!

Emily H.January 28, 2011 - 1:31 pm

WooHOO!!!! I am so excited! Thanks so much Erin!!! I will be contacting you very soon to schedule the session. Thanks again!!!!

SharonJanuary 28, 2011 - 1:44 pm

Congrats to all the winners!!! Whoo hoo!!!

nickiJanuary 28, 2011 - 1:45 pm

Aw, I LOVE who won the iPad!!!!
Hope it helps your daughter tremendously Sarah!!! 😉

Lorena MoraJanuary 28, 2011 - 1:48 pm

Congrats to all the winners!

Shannon JonesJanuary 28, 2011 - 2:03 pm

Congratulations everyone! Especially the ones with the mentoring sessions. I would die to have one of those!!!
Especially since I keep double guessing myself on whether I’m good enough to start a business.

Holly CJanuary 28, 2011 - 2:44 pm

Um, even though I really wanted it, I don’t think that ipad could have gone to someone who needed it more! SO neat. 🙂

SuseJanuary 28, 2011 - 4:10 pm

Soso glad Sarah won the iPad! Couldn’t be a more deserving winner!

TinaJanuary 28, 2011 - 4:17 pm

Congrats to everyone! Thanks, Erin 🙂 Fun stuff!

Kendra H.January 28, 2011 - 5:29 pm

So glad Sarah won the iPad. My 4 1/2 year old also has a severe speech delay (apraxia). I had no idea that there are apps on there to help with speech.

BradJanuary 28, 2011 - 7:35 pm

Congrats to everyone who won! Thanks for the fun giveaway Erin!!

Keri Doolittle PhotographyJanuary 28, 2011 - 8:18 pm

Kristen- CONGRATS on winning the mentoring session with me!!! I will be in touch with you about the details! 🙂 GREAT contest, Erin!

J WeaverJanuary 28, 2011 - 8:41 pm

Man oh man! The ONE day I don’t go and read your blog. Ok, so I won’t be doing THAT again. Well, I hate I missed such awesome prizes (I SO would have chosen the mentoring and the UN-series), but congrats on 5 years of blogging! You are so talented and it is so cool how you share your life with others. Thanks and congrats again!

SarahJanuary 28, 2011 - 8:59 pm

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe we actually won, this is such a HUGE gift, I cannot thank you enough! This will be so awesome for our daughter as well as our family!!! I sent you a note through your site. Thank you, thank you, a zillion times over!

Jennifer ConklinJanuary 28, 2011 - 9:38 pm

Giving presents and making people happy is so much fun! Congrats to everyone!!!

KatieJanuary 28, 2011 - 11:48 pm

as much as i wanted to win something, and especially that ipad, it makes my heart smile that Sarah won it. Sarah-I hope it helps you to help your daughter at home as well as in her sessions. I am so glad that you were the winner of such an amazing gift!

Kristin RJanuary 29, 2011 - 9:00 am

Just so so excited to of won a mentoring session with you Erin – so awesome!!! Thanks so much for such an awesome giveaway and congrats to all the other winners.

heather mayberryJanuary 29, 2011 - 11:25 am

congrats to all of the winners! thanks again erin for all of your generosity and sharing your life with all of us!

KarenJanuary 29, 2011 - 1:38 pm

As much as I wanted to win,the winners are just perfect.Congratulations everyone.I realised after I commented what I’d like to win.That I didn’t mention the reason I didn’t pick Clean color is because I already have it.I felt dead guilty that I didn’t mention that.

KimJanuary 29, 2011 - 6:32 pm

congratulations girls! (and guy)…well, i’ve just spent almost an hour over at drew b’s blog…thanks a lot erin! agh. i can’t take on any more blogs, but i could not stop reading!

Janelle AndersonJanuary 30, 2011 - 2:37 pm

Boy oh boy…start a tile project and miss blogging for a week and see what you miss!!! Okay, see what I missed!!! It looks like all your gifts went to wonderful people and what a treat, 855+/- commenters!! Is that a record Erin?! Awesome, just awesome! It
so fun to see how far you have come in just 5 short years!

Oh, and the tile project…we are just about done! Phew!!! Miss you!

JuliPJanuary 31, 2011 - 8:46 am

congrats to all winners!
I guess even though life is totally busy at work, I need to check in!
Happy belated blogging birthday!

P.C.January 31, 2011 - 8:54 am

Wow, you had a lot going on here recently! almost over 850 comments, wow!
I say happy Blog anniversary to you too. I remember exactly when that PigBear picture was taken. Sarah looked so cute and we were on cloud 9 getting to know her.
You have such a wonderful family, and it is such a blessing to have great support and love through the online community too.

SierraJanuary 31, 2011 - 2:54 pm

Happy Blog Day to you! Sooooooo sorry I missed THAT post! lol

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