Hey Nashvillians! Got ideas?

First off, thanks for all your fun comments yesterday. RWR is gonna be my new favorite thing, I can already tell!

Guess WHAT?! Brent told me this morning that we’re headed to Nashville tonight to 1) spend the night with my mom and stepdad 2) hang out in the city tomorrow…WITHOUT KIDS 3) See Jesus Christ Superstar and I am deliriously excited!
So I’m thinking we’re going to have several hours tomorrow to bum around town together with nary a stop at a “potty”, “watermountain”, or any other child-related neccessity. (woohoo!) So where should we go? I’d love a heads-up on any cool shops, restaurants, vintage stores, breweries, etc. (I threw “breweries” in there for Brent…I mean, if I have any hopes of getting some fun shopping done I better make sure the man gets a beer first, right?!)
Hope your weekend is fantastic!
Oh, WAIT! One more thing.

My sweet Lily. I did a shoot with her while we were down at the beach last weekend and there are some gorgeous gems over on the business blog. Check it!

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