Readers Who Rock.

If you guys only knew how much time I spend racking my brain trying to figure out how to make you all feel as good about yourselves as you make me feel about myself (whoa, I think I’m lost in that sentence, are you?) you might be a little concerned. I know I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: this blog makes me happy. Sharing bits of our life and having people who read it…it makes me feel connected when some days I feel so isolated. And then to top it off you guys leave me these amazing comments that make me turn and look over my shoulder because you seriously are not talking about me. And I know I’ve said this before too but it’s also worth repeating: I wake up lots of mornings and hope/try to be the person that some of you who read my blog think I am. I’m no wonderwoman. Not even close. And many days I’m even the evil opposite of wonderwoman (surely she had a nemesis, right?).

So. Here’s my new fun little game. Readers Who Rock. I wish I had 500 smackeroos to toss around to fun places like Ree often does but a little shout-out is the next best thing, right? Well, maybe not the NEXT best thing but I’m sure it ranks high. Right? right?

Here we go.

Our inagural “Reader Who Rocks” is…Karly of Josh and Karly. Last week when I posted this shot of Ephraim…

She left this comment:

“Oh my gosh the hat! The first picture i ever saw of Sarah was in that same hat – and i’ve been hooked ever since. I squeeled with delight at its reappearance!”

And I’m pretty sure she’s talking about a shot that looked something like this…

And it made my day that she remembered it.

Thanks Karly. You rock.

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