aw yeah…nothing like some good baby drool.

So. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! AKA Holiday-weekend-that-always-falls-on-erin’s-birthday-and-sends-us-out-of-town-and-driving-home-on-aforementioned-special-day. Happy THAT! 🙂

No, we’re actually super-excited about heading down to the beach tomorrow to hang out with the Cobb side of our fam for the weekend. Lots of fun pics of my other favorite niece next week. Promise!

And in honor of HWTAFOEBASUOOTADHOASD (see above) I’m an open book for you! As the business has picked up several things have fallen to the bottom of my time managment list and one of those things is answering emails from you guys. I always love the things you say and the things you wonder and I really, really love to help when you’re looking for something or need help with something or whatever. SO. If there’s anything that you wonder, anything at all, ask it here! Photography, baby food, diapers, meals, how to effectively sell your children to the circus, why my husband puts up with the fact that I still sleep with my childhood blankie…anything! I promise not to push this post to the bottom of the time management list. And if I come back and there are only 3 questions and two of them are repeats or deleted comments I promise to only feel like a slightly deflated fool. hee hee!

I’ll start by answering the question I’ve gotten a few times over the last week about the house blocks from Sarah’s room a few posts back. I looked and saw that W.J. Fantasy makes them and a reader, Jenny, dug a little further and found the link to purchase them right here. I’m pretty sure I got mine from Marshall’s or TJMaxx…my very favorite place to buy kid toys and books.

Have a great weekend peeps!

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