I can honestly say…

…that when I bought my video camera two years ago I never, ever, thought I would capture a moment like this. I (this is PigBear’s Daddy blogging) was leaving for work this morning when Sarah decided to make her first political observation. So now, in the wake of the N.C. and Indiana primaries, we can say with certainty that Barack is finished. You’ll see why when you watch the video.

Remember 2004 when we had to live with that ridiculous phrase, “You’ve been swiftboated”? Well Senator Obama, it’s even worse: You’ve been Pi’Beared. And with this blog’s following, you might as well hang it up. You might overcome Jeremiah Wright, but not Sarah Lorraine.

I still cannot come to terms with how Sarah put these thoughts together. Was it the constant Reaganomic rants from her rabidly Republican mother? (In case no one out there gets it, that last sentence was just slightly tongue-in-cheek.) And what is the political slant of that preschool class she attends once a week? Erin playfully said something to Sarah about the government taking her (pretend) cash monies. The previous day Erin mentioned that Barack Obama was running for president, so Sarah put these thoughts together. Should I beam with pride at my daughter’s political involvement, or cringe at the fact that all the girl really wants is her cash monies?

Whatever you call it, it’s funny. And all you armchair Limbaughs out there, please save your comments. Let’s just enjoy this one.

Stan, did you ever think you’d have a two-year old supply-sider?

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