fashion rewind.

If you missed the post from a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned my sister pointing out my (apparent) fashion faux-pas here’s a little recap: (from July 6th)

” So. Regarding that outfit. Halfway through our day my sister and I stood in a dressing room together oohing and aahing over each other’s finds. And then she had to come out with, ‘can I tell you something about your outfit?’ (Note to self: future answer to that question should always be NO!). She went on to tell me that the shirt I was wearing with that skirt was all wrong and that she rifled through my suitcase this morning when I wasn’t looking to see if I had something different. I didn’t. So she let me go out looking (apparently) like a goof and then sprung the news of my goofiness on me midway through our shopping excursion. I tried to defend myself by reminding her that I didn’t know she was coming on the trip. Her response: ‘So you just didn’t try?’ Ouch.”

I’ll admit that at the time I packed the outfit I knew the shirt didn’t exactly work. But in my defense (again) I was supposedly going somewhere where I wouldn’t know a soul besides my dad (who has been known to wear knit ties and speedos…though thankfully not together) so I wasn’t that concerned. And then my sister appeared. And suddenly the fashion choices in my suitcase became much more important.

Today I tried again with that little pink ATL skirt. I took Meghan’s criticism to heart when she said “try a shirt with an unexpected color…the white is too perky.” In my defense (again) I am perky. But whatev.

She also steered me toward fitted, not bloused.


And lose the belt.

Got it.

 This morning I made Sarah take a picture of me with my phone.  Then I texted it to my sister along with, “is this better?”

And guess what?

Four hours later, still no response. Apparently it’s time for the skirt to find a new home.

LisaJuly 23, 2010 - 12:11 pm

I did not think the first outfit was that bad. Honestly, I might have picked that shirt to go with that skirt too.

I do like the second outfit too.

aunt May MayJuly 23, 2010 - 1:45 pm

APPROVE APPROVE APPROVE!!! soooo much better…loving the black tank, untucked, the necklace, and shoes, perfection…you are HOT! (I left my phone at home today, sorry) Although this is all coming from someone who buys their daughter gold lame tights…so there’s that.;P

Danielle L-YJuly 23, 2010 - 2:50 pm

Really!?! The pink skirt and brown tank is a wonderful summer, casual outfit. Personal taste is just that, personal taste.

KelleyJuly 23, 2010 - 3:38 pm

I thought both outfits look great. Apparently I am not meant to be a fashionista, either?

EmilyJuly 23, 2010 - 4:40 pm

Tell us more about that great collage on the wall behind you! How and where did you have it made? You look great, by the way!

BeccaJuly 23, 2010 - 5:40 pm

I also think both outfits are good.. maybe the second one is a tad better, but I wouldn’t have noticed a thing wrong with the first!

I second the question about the collage- details please! 🙂

Lorena MoraJuly 23, 2010 - 5:40 pm

I like the new version, I wasn’t a big fan of the belt last time. Although I’m not bold enough to wear skirts, my legs are very white and my family is quick to remind me and tease me.

LaurenJuly 23, 2010 - 6:55 pm

Second outfit looks great to me ~ although the first one isn’t bad!

And for a third ~ I question the collage too!

Debbie LJuly 24, 2010 - 9:26 am

I know I have no fashion sense, but I think you are a very cute dresser. I like the first outfit. Katie says it’s cute, too.

kristalJuly 24, 2010 - 10:02 am

Um…I like the first one much better. But I think you look great in both.

JoyceJuly 24, 2010 - 10:26 am

I happen to like the gypsy look…and I do like the fitted as well. Who knew, two outfits in one!
Love you

JaimieJuly 24, 2010 - 12:03 pm

Really?! I liked the first one! I thought the belt was cute! The second one is cute too, but I like the white shirt a lot.

JenJuly 24, 2010 - 7:06 pm

I’m not sure if you need more votes for the second outfit, but I’d give it a thumbs up! Keep that skirt and wear it with fitted tops — looks great!

SuseJuly 25, 2010 - 2:55 pm

Wow, I can’t imagine what your sister would say about my fashion sense if she got near me! You’re immaculately turned out in both pictures in my opinion!

Aunt LuJuly 25, 2010 - 6:58 pm

I loved the first outfit the first time I saw it on you. To me it looks fresh and very you. The second out hummm I coud live without…Sorry Meg!

JenniferJuly 26, 2010 - 1:59 pm

For the record, I think you look great in BOTH outfits!

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