a mind of her own…

Sarah has discovered that she has a will that is different than Mommy and Daddy’s.

I keep thinking it must be a little early for this but it’s unmistakably true. Two examples. First, the screaming. In the last week Sarah has “found her voice” when it comes to letting us know she doesn’t like something. If we stop doing something that she likes and wants us to keep doing (like holding her green block that vibrates in her mouth), or her favorite toy walks away (that would be mommy) we are rewarded with an ear-piercing yelp. It’s not a cry – more like a screech that should come from a two-year old. If we give in and resume the entertainment of the moment that she’s wanting, the screeching stops and the smiles begin again. That child!

The second example is much more fun to watch. Because she’s gained more gross motor control of her body, she can resist certain situations that we put her in. Namely, sitting. She used to be perfectly happy to sit in her bouncy seat and talk to mommy while we cook dinner together. Not anymore. As soon as she’s ready to be done sitting she arches her back, pushes up with her legs and slides herself onto the floor. When she’s about midway there she realizes how uncomfortable this position is and the screeching, yelping, screaming begins again. Sigh. That child. Gotta love her.

J.J. KillinsFebruary 24, 2006 - 10:36 am

oh my. alla just started this about a month ago and i thought THAT was early. i really thought we had til TWO for this, didn’t you? just wait til she’s mobile, it gets even WORSE!

AnonymousFebruary 24, 2006 - 11:06 am

Hey, Princess Pigbear, I feel your pain…sounds like you need a vacation from the hardships of life! I hear Panama City Beach is quite soothing =)

Your Aunt Parmy & Uncle Tory

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