Tate Farm, v8.0

Yesterday we headed to Tate Farm with the Baker fam for the 8th year in a row. Traditions are meant to be kept people, and we take such things seriously down here. Which is why I was obliged to have a margarita at Little Rosie’s when it was all said and done. Tradition demanded it. Half marathon on Saturday be darned.

When we first made this trek back in 2007 I was pregnant with Ephraim and Sarah wasn’t two yet.

Sigh. The good news is that although the kiddos have gotten older, I’ve gotten markedly younger. I promise. Click on that link and you’ll see an old tired pregnant girl. Yikes.

I tried to get a shot of our five kiddos together but we were photo bombed at the last minute.

The corn crib is always a hit,

although this year Sarah’s new birthday necklace from Caroline broke and spilled into the corn kernels. Luckily the charm was salvaged but the bead (which she swears is “real”) was lost forever. And for the record, it’s definitely a real bead. I’m just not sure it’s a real…whatever she thinks it is. Jewel? No matter, the girls went on an all-out search while the Daddies solved all of life’s more pressing problems.

The kids still aren’t ready to give up on this little corn train…

And we all had a good laugh about the year that Ephraim and Austill rode together and then Ephraim promptly got out and announced angrily that Austill had been squishing some of his rather delicate places. Priceless.

We measured ourselves (of course) and then headed out of the pumpkin-picking hayride.

One last shot of the gang…

And year eight was solidly in the books.

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