ten on tuesday.

1. We are back in the swing of things with school around here. Both kids love their teachers which means both parents love both kids’ teachers. Happy kids = learning kids. Learning kids = happy parents.

2. After parent orientation a couple of weeks ago an impromptu drinks run happened with a few other moms in the ‘hood. So I finally got to use my new minivan for the fun kind of carpool…one with friends of MINE in it! On the way home a stop at Publix was requested so someone (who shall not be named) could stock up on a “necessity”…

3. Publix brand Chocolate Cookie Quarry frozen yogurt. Do you know about this? It’s well on its way to becoming a “necessity” around here as well.

4. I finally picked a Fall half marathon: The Louisville Urban Bourbon. Has anyone done it? Anyone planning to do it this year? Anything I need to know? Do tell!

5. I read on a friend’s Facebook page recently that having a tween daughter is like getting two daughters for the price of one. With an almost nine year old in the house I’m beginning to understand just what that means. The eye rolls alone are enough to send me over the edge.

6. My mama sent me an email today with this link in it: How to Teach Your Tween to Be OK in the World (5 Important Skills Every Kid Should Have).

7. Yesterday both of our kiddos started dance. Sarah is taking Jazz and Hip Hop this year and Ephraim is also taking Hip Hop. Sarah also started piano last week after years of threatening to get her lessons. And Ephraim is also involved in baseball and tae kwon do. Here’s to well-rounded but not over scheduled kiddos…right? Sheesh, how is a mama to know?

8. Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard of the ice bucket challenge. The kiddos took their turn this weekend:

Sarah and Ephraim’s Ice Bucket Challenge

9. An interesting perspective on the Ice Bucket Challenge here.

10. And finally…(you should have known this was coming)…I challenge YOU to participate if you haven’t already! My Aunt Lori is a passionate supporter of ALS research after watching a friend die of the disease last year. Her dedication to the cause is such an inspiration to me and I’m thrilled that the kids and I will be in California this October for the Monterey Bay ALS Walk for a Cure. We’re raising money for Aunt Lori’s team – The Fist Bumps – named in honor of her friend Ralph who, when he lost the ability to shake hands, began greeting all of his friends with a fist bump instead. So take the ice bucket challenge and donate $10…or better yet, save your dignity and just donate $100 instead right here to our ALS walk team.

CarolAugust 19, 2014 - 7:45 pm

Living with 2 teenage daughters can be a challenge, but like everything else with your children, pick your battles! I have tried to remember what it is like to be a teenage girl -from one minute you are a happy, loving girl to the next when everything or almost everything makes you cry – sometimes you just can’t control your emotions! (Almost like our emotions after childbirth) But the eye rolls NEVER stop!

Aunt LuAugust 20, 2014 - 10:39 am

Thanks Deed and I can’t want to see you and the kido’s…Love you

DebsAugust 21, 2014 - 4:14 am

I hardly dare say this in a public domain but we went through some definite pre-teen/tween struggles with our daughter and she’s just turned 13 and guess what…? She’s just lovely! I am really enjoying her company at the moment (infact she’s away this week at a church camp here in the UK and I am missing her like crazy!!) Obviously this may not last and I may regret putting it out there, and obviously we have our moments (!!) but honestly, at the moment she’s great. Just want to give some hope for what lies ahead. And, your ALS clip was brilliant!!

ellen pattonSeptember 2, 2014 - 8:05 pm

Ya’ll…those accents!

Angie from mdSeptember 23, 2014 - 4:16 pm

Where oh where is my friend Erin?

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