ten on tuesday.

1. How have y’all allowed me to get through life without knowing about The Skimm??? Seriously. Apparently only my friend Charlotte knows me or loves me well enough to tip me off to this. I’m going to give you all the benefit of the doubt and just assume that you didn’t know about it either…because otherwise you would have told me, right? So I give you…the best thing to wake up to since an Earl Grey Tea Latte with skim milk (please don’t tell me you didn’t know my drink either).

2. We spent all of last week down at the beach lounging around in the chilly, windy salt air with our buddies The Jacksons. There were records on the player every night, Frozen on the TV every day (seriously, let it go already), and Mario on the NES every hour. Delightful.

3. On the way down to the beach I spent the better part of an hour reading this article to Brent about kids and play and this modern era of overprotection. The early childhood educator in me was geeking out. The parent in me was (a little bit) freaking out. And the kid in me was reveling in my own childhood filled with make believe and roaming and self governance. I think the world needs more of that.

4. Speaking of the early childhood educator in me, I climbed into the attic on Sunday to unearth a few high school memory boxes in preparation for an upcoming reunion with my high school besties. I ended up pouring through some of my old teaching things and sobbing through a couple dozen parent letters and principal evaluations. Sometimes I really, really miss that life.

5. So here’s something to bring a tear to the eye of all my teacher buddies: “Flat Stanley home after a decade in soldiers’ wallet”. Mind, blown. Heart, wrenched.

6. Speaking of amazing journalism, while in the attic I also ran across a limited edition copy of my cousin Noah’s short run newpaper from back in the 90’s. He was around 10, I was in college and my parents were recently divorced. Apparently my grandparents were also a little banged up but, as my sister says so eloquently, “couldn’t we pretty much use Gramma and Grampa’s update any given week from then until now?” Touche.

7. Fat Tire has recently made it to Huntsville and I’ve been grabbing a six pack for Brent occasionally when I see it on the store shelves. It totally takes us back to our Colorado years. Well yesterday when I stopped in for beef broth and potatoes I somehow found myself in the beer aisle again. Funny how that happens. But as long as I was there I figured I’d grab a six pack for Brent…and then I saw Fat Tire “Snapshot” sitting there in all its glory. You guys. It’s like the people at Fat Tire got together around a big beer brewer’s table and said, “If we were going to make the perfect beer for Erin Cobb, what would it be?” Then they collectively decided to make it a wheat beer, brew it in Colorado, wrap it all fancy in a vintage-inspired orange label and put a camera on the bottle. Geez Louise. Talk about knowing your customer.

8. So now you know that Fat Tire Snapshot and Starbucks Earl Grey Tea Latte are totally my jam. I guess it’s probably a good time to mention that my birthday is next month. 😉

9. Today on the business blog I posted about my journey into the Certified Professional Photographer process. So if that interests you one iota you may want to check it out. My passed portfolio is over there too.

10. Have a fabulous week, friends! As a nod to April Fool’s I feel inclined to tell you that none of these things are actually lies. I only bring the truth on Tuesdays.

AmyApril 1, 2014 - 9:48 pm

We are driving through Watsonville tomorrow! Can’t help but think of you!!!

AddieApril 2, 2014 - 10:32 am

The Skimm…thanks for filling me in! LOVED the family newsletter! Totally something I think families should do more of!:)

JillApril 2, 2014 - 10:38 am

Thanks for the link to the article about play. I am an early years teacher in the UK and for the past year or so we have been delivering forest school sessions each week – tree climbing, sitting round the fire, exploring, playing with loose parts. Our 4 year olds love it!!! Such a wonderful opportunity for them to lead their own play and set their own challenges! Certainly experiences most children won’t get outside school anymore.

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