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cookout at dad’s.

Last month my sister and her family came to Alabama to celebrate our stepbrother’s wedding. He married an awesome girl and had a beautiful ceremony at an incredible venue. And I would totally show you pictures…if I had arrived on time. It’s a long (sad, painful) story but basically ends with I’m a dummy and […]

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A few weeks ago Grandaddy rolled into town to mix it up with the kiddos a bit. Ephraim had him playing soccer in the backyard within about five seconds of his arrival. Fearing my Dad might need a distraction from Ephraim’s near limitless enthusiasm for kicking a ball back and forth, I headed out back […]

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summer spray.

¬† Growing up I can’t remember a summer stay at my Granny’s that didn’t include an inflatable pool. My Dad is keeping that tradition alive for my own children… Much to their delight. ¬†Thanks Dad.

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