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The minute these kiddos got out of their car I was smitten. Their mom had them perfectly coordinated from head to toe and each of their personalities lived up to the bright and boisterous colors chosen for them.

It was clear from the get go that this little thing had a mind of her own. I like that in a girl.

Her brother wasn’t quite sure about me at first but I think I cracked him when I started getting nosy about his girlfriend…

From what I hear he has one, but he’s keeping pretty tight-lipped with her name…

Whoever she is, she’s a darn lucky kid! Would you get a look at this face?!

Now back to my little friend with the mind of her own. Is it just me or is there a twinkle of playful mischief in these eyes? I think her parents would nod their heads emphatically at that statement.

Speaking of her parents. So fun. Their mama looked like she just stepped out of a catalog – effortlessly pulled together. I put a whole lot of effort every morning into looking effortless. And she just went and made it look…effortless! gah.  

But I digress. Back to the little cutie. I kind of want to be her when I grow up. So spunky and sweet!

Thanks so  much for the fabulous afternoon guys! The horses missed you when they left. Sparrow says things just aren’t the same around there without you.    

Ashley Peters Absolutely priceless. They are two of the sweetest kids with the best mommy, too! She was so excited for these pictures and now I know why! Misty, you’ve got gorgeous kids and these pictures bring out every ounce of it. xoxo

misty selak thank you, ashley. erin is amazing and im soo happy with these images and i can only imagine how wonderful the rest are.

Grandma I am so thrilled with these pictures. Two of most precious things in life. These pictures are absolutely wonderful! I too can’t wait to see the rest. Congratulations Misty & Murph you have the cutest kids in the world!

Misti These kids really are as wonderful as they seem and I think these photos help capture that!!

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