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Last October I was charmed by this little man.

He might have changed a tad since then (more hair, more rolls) but the charmingness is still in full effect!

Brace yourself, it’s only getting cuter…

Six month old + fingers and toes + sticky-outy tongue = me biting my cheek so I won’t squeeze him to death.

So last time I got him to wink at me. No such luck this time but I did get this which I’m thinking might even be cuter than a wink…

I have to stop myself now. I could share every.single.picture of this little dude but then what surprises would I have left for his mama? I must stop myself. Just know that I’m doing it under protest. 😉

Amy Rahm Love the pop of color from the hat in all that white. Just precious!

robin i could munch on those yummy arms & thighs all day long! 😉

great pics, erin!

btw, i’m totally loving the new blog look. i am especially fond of the new date stamp thingy.

admin Thanks Amy and Robin! Robin, I’m glad to hear you say that…I’ve actually been trying to figure out how to changethe date stamp to something more custom but now maybe I’ll just leave it! =)

Jennifer What a cutie patootie!!

Jill Love these! Can I ask where the diaper cover is from???

admin Sorry for not getting back to you sooner Jill. The client actually purchased this diaper cover but I believe it came from a little boutique in our town called The Purple Peanut.

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