wide awake.

Six days old and already taking it all in. This little guy laughed in the face of sleep during our time together yesterday!


He kept one eye on his mama the whole time…


Thanks for the fun and the cuddles baby J!

Amy Beautiful!

Tina The eyes are amazing! What lens did you use for this?

He must be about the same age as my little guy. I broke out the camera for an “official” shoot today, but it was too overcast without bouncing my flash :( Hoping for better sunlight tomorrow!

erin Hi Tina. I used the 50mm/1.4 here and placed him directly in front of a window for both shots. In the first shot I’m between him and the window and in the second shot the window is directly behind him but there was another window about 5-6 feet to his left. He was 6 days old. Good luck with your shoot and congrats on your litte one!

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