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I try to schedule newborn sessions within the first two weeks of life when the little ones are still bendy and sleepy and worn out from birth. I met this little guy when he was just shy of three weeks old although his mama assured me that he was still just a sleepy little nugget (okay, she never called him a nugget). One of the reasons that I love sleepy newborn shots is because as a mother of two I realize how fleeting that peaceful calm really is. It’s totally just an illusion created by these little beings to make you think maybe they’re not actually going to turn your world upside down after all.  HA! HA! HA!  😉

Parents usually love to have at least a handful of wide awake shots to remember those sweet baby blues. Sometimes it’s hard to catch newborns when they’re not cross-eyed…but not this little guy! He had the most intense, soulful gaze and he found my camera over and over and over again. Love that!


And then he drifted right off to sleep and let me do my thing. What a doll!


Do you think he’s trying to tell me something? Oh my pounding head…Get this lady outta here!


Nah. He loved me.


As I was photographing him I kept mumbling to myself (and his mama) how perfect he was. At one point I think I said, “I mean…he just looks SO perfect…” and she replied with every ounce of seriousness, “well, that’s because he is.”


There’s nothing like the love of a new mama. It’s a perfect kind of love.

Nicki Smith Oh, he is just gorgeous! Beautiful shots!

Alana Griffith He is Perfect!!! That’s my nephew! Wonderful, wonderful photos!

Melissa Hunnicutt Wow! These are so beautiful. The one with his hands on his head is oen of my favorites of all time. Too cute!

Amy Are you sure you don’t want to come to Montana in mid-May? I hear it’s really nice and I’ll have an adorable new little subject for you 😉

Bianca So sweet! So perfect! But I think the one of him awake is my favorite (and I usually go for the sleepy ones too!)

Heather Smith What great pictures. Little Thomas is so precious.

amy He is perfect – and your pictures of him are great. Love the first one with his eyes open!

Jill Oh my….how precious little Thomas is!! My favorites are the one with his hands on his head and the one with his eyes open laying on the quilt my Mom and I made for him. What a wonderful and gifted photographer you are. Love these and can’t wait to see the rest!

Becky These are so beautiful! I especially love the last two shots! And the blanket in that first picture is to die for! Love all the colors!

Jessi Walton These shots are amazing and he is so sweet and beautiful!! I have to ask, what lens did you use? Thanks!

erin Thank you all so much! Jessi, I used a combination of the following lenses – 50mm/1.4, 85mm/1.8 and 100mm/2.8 macro. I think I used the macro lens the most actually.

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