what are little girls made of?

Come on, say it with me!



and spice…


and everything nice!


I had so much fun hanging out with my little friend earlier this week. Her mama (who is a dear friend) stayed back with my kiddos and the rest of her brood while Ms. Five Years Old and I got to run around downtown Huntsville all on our own. What a treat! We had so much fun exploring and playing games together. She even got to hear my best impression of the Little Mermaid!

Her mom called to schedule this session a couple of months ago because she had a loose tooth. I’ve done birthday sessions and sibling sessions and even double-digit sessions (for 10 year olds!) but I’ve never done a “you’ve got a loose tooth” session! But when she explained that once the tooth was gone and her big teeth started coming in all trace of baby would be gone, I totally got it. She’s so right. Something about little teeth in a little head = baby face. Big teeth in a little head = growing up way too fast.


My husband walked by as I was proofing and nonchalantly said, “her daddy’s not gonna like those.” “Why?” I asked. “Because she looks too big.” Right.

So much for the “little teeth in a little head = baby” theory. Somebody’s little girl is growing up.



Wanna see my favorite shot?


Oh how I love that expression!

And this one…


Thanks so much for the fun little miss!


(And mom, I promise, I only let her walk in the street this once!)  😉

Brent I will say that I am biased towards both the photographer and adorable subject, but I think this is my favorite session I’ve seen, and I’ve seen them all. Great work, girls!

Sorry Christian, but I’m afraid you’ll need that big stick very soon.

Marci These are beautiful Erin. What a gorgeous subject and I just love her MJ clothes. She’s got style. What a little personality you brought out in these pictures.

Bianca Too perfect!! And it doesn’t even look like winter….you are goooood 😀

Mom What a doll she is! You have captured all that personality in these pics! I love them! And that hair is to die for!

Amy I gotta say, she does look like quite a big girl! Especially since the last time I saw her (I think was last June). She’s super adorable, even if she is a big girl. Fabulous shots!

Mandy Erin, these met my greatest expectations! (& Christian is in awe of them too!) I can’t wait to see the rest. We have forwarded your site to all our family & the one’s on FB have gotten lots of great comments. I can’t thank you enough!

Marla WOW, Erin, you totally rocked this session. Gorgeous light, beautiful girl, fun shots. Some of my favorites from you!!

Gina Awesome pictures and she is adorable. Start locking the doors now mom and dad. Love her clothes and you can see her personality right through the photos.

Megan She is way cute! Her hair is just gorgeous! You did an amazing job with her!!

Jennifer Brent is so right – she does look very grown up! My personal fav is the one with the reflection – it’s beautiful. And that girl has some crazy-mad gorgeous hair!!! I sure hope she appreciates it when she grows up and doesn’t wish it was straight. (Funny tidbit – the guy who did Tyler’s senior pictures said he always tries to do kid pics in a parent-free zone because he said he always gets better stuff out of the kids)

Amber H. These photos are awesome – I love that it doesn’t look like winter. She looks adorable in her MJC outfits. :)

erin Thanks you guys! We had so much fun and I’m thrilled that that shows in these images. =)

Nicki Wow, she is an adorable child! That hair!!! I LOVE her outfit and shoes…oh to have a little girl to dress…:-) as always, great work Erin!

rhonda stark awesome shots .. and what an adorable little girl! i love your favorite shot too!

Debbie These are lovely and hello Felicity hair! I’d do anything for that hair, and my hair IS curly, just not of the gorgeous kind. She is a beautiful “little” girl and I would imagine you captured her spirit perfectly.

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