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When I first scheduled a session with these beautiful twin girls their mom described them to me with words like big personalities and busy. Words that, for a kindergarten-teacher-turned-child-photographer, are usually more of a coded warning label. Kind of like describing a house as quaint or charming, right?

So I came to the session prepared. I knew they would be sweet (I had been assured of that by mom as well) but I thought I might be in for a bit of a challenge. I vowed to walk away with beautiful images even if I had to go down swinging. Or in my case, shooting.

But as soon as they stepped out of the car I knew how wrong I had been. Turns out my ability to interpret mom-code is a bit rusty. These were the kindest, sweetest, most endearing little girls and they were nothing short of a JOY to photograph! They giggled at all my lame jokes and didn’t make me chase after them even once!

However, this post will still require a warning label.

Warning: unadulterated adorableness inside. For real.

Consider yourself warned.

I straddled a fence with ballet flats on to get this shot…

And the minute I took these two I knew I had winners. Which would explain why I grinned like the Cheshire Cat the entire time I was proofing the series. I love them. Love, love, love.

But then there’s this series in the spot that makes me want to pack up my family and move permanently to my aunt’s house in Cali (do you think she’ll mind) and only shoot here for the rest of my life.

And when I do I’ll make these girls come and play with me every week because they’re sweet and busy and have big personalities…

Just the way I like ’em.


(eta: just realized I didn’t include a sneak peek family shot…had to add this one!)

Amanda M. Oh my, I know those adorable girls! I follow their Mom’s blog. Gorgeous photos!

Lacey Super adorable! You gotta love those surprise sessions that turn out to be a blast!

Melissa They are adorable! Great session.

Heather These are beautiful! I love the straddling the fence shot…its so very childhood. And the ones of them standing on the pathway together…the light is so perfect and I just want to squeeze them!! They are so precious!!!

Shannon Great shots of beautiful kids. I love your work!

sharyn I have followed their Blog since they came home from China. They are two AWESOME kids!!!! Those pictures were great! You seemed to “get” them. I hope there are more pics posted. You do wonderful work!

Amanda I’ve followed this family since before their referral and they have no clue who I am. But I just had to comment since I’m a pseudo photographer. Sometimes.

These are fantastic and I love them! Ree and Ro are such a delight to watch growing up.

Jill Beautiful photos!

Catherine Aren’t they beyond adorable?? They’re my friend’s girls and full of life, fun and sparkle! You did a great job! Cannot wait to see more pics!

Sharon Love the Salsa Twins!

Amy Just as beautiful as you had described! What a great location… how fun to shoot somewhere new and get such fabulous photos. Love this session!

Rachelle These are wonderful! I love them. We need you to come take pics of our Twin Men!!!!

Barbara Hah. I have followed their mom’s blog since just before their referral. Now practically my whole family follows it. these kids have ‘aunts’ all across the US!

Snick :) Gorgeous photos! Kudos!

Aunt Lu Gorgeous shots as usually and no I wouldn’t mind if you moved to CA and did all your photo shoots at my house.

jeri These are fabulous images, Erin!

TubaDad I love that picture of the girls on the red chair, and it’s interesting to note that was one of the first pictures Erin took after we arrived.

When we got there we made introductions and then Ro and Ree happily set off by themselves with Erin to start the photo shoot. The girls had known Erin for maybe all of 10 minutes when that shot on the chair was made, and the fact that they look so comfortable and relaxed is a huge testament to Erin’s approach and personality.

Erin’s many talents as a photographer absolutely include her ability to connect with the kids and bring them out of their little shells. It was quite fun to watch her work with our girls.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

jenn cooper wow. seriously wonderful shots. they are beautiful little girls and you captured them perfectly!! love, love the one in the tree fort…that made me swoon :)


admin Wow TubaDad, thank you SO much for those incredibly kind words. As you know your girls are nothing short of FABULOUS so connecting with them was a breeze! I had every bit as much fun as they did…if not more!

Thank you all for the sweet comments. I know the family appreciates them, as do I!

Kelly I love the fact that they wore their finest jewels for the photos!

robin such gorgeous twin gals! they are soooooo adorable! great photos, erin.

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