During our presession conversation I asked the mom of this sweet little 6 month old the question that I ask all of my clients: "If there’s one image that you hope we capture, what is it?"  And I loved her answer – the giggle. She hoped we would find a way to preserve her precious firstborn’s baby giggle. And who doesn’t want to remember those first few months of baby belly laughs that bring tears to a mamas eyes?

So  I got my crazy giggle-inducing antics all geared up for a morning laughs. And what do you think I got?

Some fascination…


A little curiosity…


A touch of get-this-lady-out-of-my-face…


But in the end…she couldn’t resist!


Thank goodness for ticklish baby ribs!

And one more just because it makes my insides melt everytime I look at it…


Thanks for the fun…and the hard-earned smiles little miss!

French mom This baby take care to suit with your signature, it’s the same colors!!!

Congratulations for the giggle!

Nice pics again!!!!

French mom

Marla Adorable shots, Erin and that last one is just so super sweet … LOVE it!!

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