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 Before I had a two year old of my own I was TERRIFIED of them. Not being around them, of course, just photographing them. But now that I’ve had two of my own (and one who reminds me on a daily basis that he’s still VERY MUCH TWO) I can’t get enough of them. I love how mischievious they are. How they think running away from me is the most hilarious thing in the universe. How I can trick them into doing anything by just telling them it’s not their turn yet. And I definitely love that once I’ve tuckered them out (or the other way around) and sugared them up with marshmallows and fruit snacks I can pack them back up into their minivans and send them home!

Nothing gets my blood pumping like photographing a two year old! This one was NO exception. Just ask her mom. And her grandparents. It was a blast!

See the evidence of my bribery squished between her cute little fingers up there?

(I’m not actually sure she ever ate one but she sure did love squeezing them!)

Right about now I bet you’re thinking to yourself, “MAN, that kid’s CUTE!”…(I know you are, admit it). Let me show you how she got that way…

 Win for genetics!

I actually had the chance to photograph her sweet mug back when she was not even a sitting-up baby. I’ll never forget her crazy, wispy sticky-uppy baby hair and her big gummy smile.

Here, let me show you. I have to.

No, really, I HAVE to. It’s a compulsion.

Just call me Granny. (minus the plastic wallet insert and the “let me tell you about my grandchildren” license plate).


When we met again I was thrilled to see that she still has that soft, wispy baby hair. But this time it was a good 12 inches longer! (Same sweet smile too…just a few more teeth thrown in!)

And I have to end with this one. The photograph every mother should have…

I’m pretty sure with a little clever photoshopping I can turn this into a pretty shnazzy shot of myself and my own rowdy two-year old. Whaddya think?

Ah, forget about it. He could never pull off those pink nails.

Aunt Lu Can I just say I LOVE that family every single one of them!!!

Becky Oh Dee Dee… You did it again! Your pictures take my breath away. God has blessed you with a gift and I am so glad you have shared that gift with me and my family. Your pictures are breath taking. Your ability to capture Bri’s energy, Kayla’s twinkle in her eye for the love she feels for her daughter, Jeffrey’s smile that show’s how proud he is of his family and me…”My cup runnith over” (tear)
Dee Dee…amazing, truly amazing!

Jennifer Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!! (G’ma PROMISED to email me as soon as she gets them). This little thing has no choice but to grow up absolutely gorgeous, just like her mom and g’ma. The last one is too precious for words!!

Venus Erin you truely are talented in what you capture. These photos are absoloutlely gorgeous.

Debbie Molloy These photos are beautiful…Forever treasures…!

Lynn Wow! These photos are magnificent! Deedee caught the family love and pure joy. You have a such a special relationship with each other. It is such a pleasure to see a HAPPY and FUNCTIONAL family! Not to mention gorgeous- everyone of you!That Bri is a little firecracker-those eyes!Whew!Beautiful!

Cidelia Oh my goodness what BEAUTIFUL pictures you captured. You see the sun literally shining out of ALL their eyes. You did an incredible job for an incredible family!

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