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I met up with one of my favorite little girls early this week and she secured her spot in my heart forever. Note to one year olds: reaching your arms out and signing “up” to your photographer, then snuggling deep into her arms will get you to favorite status every.time. (Someone’s been taking notes.)

Yeah, um, she started running since the last time I saw her. I think that was her Halloween “trick” for me. I had a bit of trickery in store for her too…namely, using every possible trick I know to get her into a winning shot with her parents…


As her parents can attest, that wasn’t quite as easy as it may have looked.

She did sit still long enough for me to get a few good shots of those soulful baby blues. I think that was her Halloween “treat” for me… And this? Well this is just practicing for her Sunday night haul through the neighborhood…    Happy Halloween weekend friends!

Jennifer Thanks so much Erin! These look great! I’ve been checking all morning but kept telling myself that you couldn’t possibly get it up today with all that you have going on for Sarah’s birthday! Thanks for getting it up so quickly! Can’t wait to see the rest! Have a great party!

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