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When I asked my standard “if there’s one shot you really hope we get” question the mama of this duo answered that she really, really wanted “one of those eye shots.” I knew exactly what she meant. The eyes really are the windows to the soul and when you can capture them just right, magic happens. When the kiddos stepped out of the car I knew we’d be able to get what she was looking for.

Within ten minutes, we had this.


Then it was little sister’s turn. She’s just recently turned two and is as FAST as can be. But if you’ve been around here for long, you know I love a challenge. The thing about photographing a fast toddler is that when you do catch them in (what appears to be) a quiet moment, it’s gold. And the victory feels so much sweeter!

She is just a beautiful child with the most gorgeous honey colored hair. I kept wanting to feel how silky it was but she was too fast for me to catch! 😉

Love this silly expression. Inasmuch as his sister is so two, he’s so five. (and as a former kindergarten teacher I adore kids who are so five.)

I also adore kids who are so five and still enjoy a good snuggle with mama!

Hanging out with this sweet family was just about the best way I can think of to spend the muggiest day of the year!

Stay tuned for newborns next week! =)

Eleonora they’re all adorable, and the 2-old-year girl in particular…
Great photos!

Tina They both have beautiful eyes…and are adorable! And muggy…in Alabama? MOST DEFINITELY!! Ugh!

misty jones Erin, these are beautiful! Great job!

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