things I wish I’d known.

I sat down at my desk today to work on my monthly marketing plan and, I confess, I got sidetracked. Because sitting on my desk, in a pile of saved things Ginger found laying around the Cottage in her recent clean out was a disc labeled “Cobb family videos”.

Be still my heart.

It made me think about the things I wish I could reach into that video and whisper to the young mother I saw chasing after toddlers. Since so many of my clients are young parents themselves, I figured I’d do the next best thing…I’ll tell you all.

So…here are the things I wish I’d known ten years ago when I had little ones underfoot every.single.minute…

  1. Yes, it’s as hard as you think it is. No, you shouldn’t feel guilty about being exhausted. Yes, it will get better.
  2. Have hope! There is something coming that is better than anything you could ever imagine and it’s called…(drumroll please)…parenting from the couch! One day your life will consist of evenings that find you laying on the couch, snuggled up with a book when you casually look up, see that your children are still in the room and you say these magic words…”hey, go to bed.” And with parents of tweens and teens as my honest to God witnesses, they do.
  3. Your stomach looks fine. Seriously. You look pretty cute in that bathing suit. (My mother has always told me to appreciate my body and to consider it from the perspective of ten years from now and, friends, she’s right.)
  4. Appreciate the cheeks. No, not yours, although those are great too…theirs. They are sweet and soft and snuggly and are one of the first things childhood will start to steal from your toddlers. And tweendom swallows them completely.
  5. They really are happy kids. Sure, right now you think they are miserable human beings…potentially even emotionally damaged. But one day you will look at your husband and laugh about the time you stated, with tears in your eyes, “I just don’t think she’s a happy person.” Because she’s now the happiest girl you know.
  6. The babysitter is always worth the money. If you have to choose between cute shoes, daily lattes or a babysitter…always go with the babysitter. Time away from the kids with your friends or spouse is worth the splurge.
  7. It’s okay to blink. I know every older grandmother in the grocery store tells you not to but, truly, you can blink. There are some moments you may just want to fast forward through. So if blinking helps, do it. It’s okay to wish away a few of the less desirable phases. (I’m looking at you, potty-training parents.) Besides, you can relax in the knowledge that your photographer is recording all the most beautiful parts for you anyway. 😉





Rachel Forever thankful y’all went with the babysitter! ❤️

erin cobb You and me both!

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