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If my iphone were a living, breathing being I would have her on the payroll and pay her well.

Thankfully she’s not. (I can’t afford the sort of high maintenance employee that requires syncing every few days.)

Over the course  of my morning with these two sweet girls (one of them brand new!) I used my beloved iphone three times. First, to navigate my way to this precious bundle…

Next to entertain this sweet thing as she patiently waited for her turn (thank you “Make Me A Princess”!)…

And finally, to lull this one into dream land with the noise machine app…

There’s still not an app for pairing a toddler and her days-old little sister into a beautiful sibling portrait but that’s alright. I’ve got it covered.

 Hey Steve Jobs, I love you man.

(and girly girls…I love you too!)

Lacey Hahaha, you Iphone addicts! Have you considered purchasing a backup iPhone *just in case* something should happen to yours?
Beautiful girlies! Love the first image with her sweet, inquisitive expression & those little hands peeking out!

Nance Heidemann Love it! I was just told there was a ‘tooting’ application that you could set to go off every couple of minutes…to get older kids to laugh. Hysterical!

robin i love that your iphone is a SHE! haha.

what gorgeous photos of these little ones! newborns are so precious.

Brad These are really beautiful images! I just started following your photo blog the other day, Erin. These photos, like your all your others, are just timeless captures. Those are going to be some special sisters growing up.

Rachel Some unique uses for an iPhone! And fantastic captures, they look great!

Deeann All maplestory secrets revealed !!! Including exploits

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