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No, they’re not twins. Yes, I’m sure. But they sure do look like it, don’t they?! The thought never crossed my mind during our session on Saturday morning but once I got home and uploaded the images my husband just couldn’t believe that they weren’t in fact twins.

huntsville child photographer

I mean, they might as well audition to be the next Doublemint Twins using this next shot, don’t you think?

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I had such a good time tea-partying and splashing and strolling around Big Spring Park with my new friends on Saturday morning. The weather was gorgeous and the park was quiet (I guess not many people are raring to go at 8 a.m.). A beautiful combination. Just like these two.

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We literally had to pry them way from one another to get shots of them on their own. How’s that for sisterly love?! It was worth the prying though because once alone each of their little personalities came right through.

The oldest knew all of the words to her favorite Hanna Montana song…


And the youngest only thought she did! (And boy did that entertain me!)…


Now if only *I* could learn all the words to a Hanna Montana song…then I’d really be in business with the 6-12 year old crowd!

Megan Those two are gorgeous!

photogenic families | huntsville family photographer » Erin Cobb Photography […] AsĀ of 5:15 this evening I’m officially on a shooting break for 6 days. I can’t remember the last time I had 6 days off! Of course I’ll still be available via phone and email so if you’re a client who needs to get in touch with me, don’t hesitate. I had two fabulous sessions today which was an awesome way to kick off my little mini-vacay. This morning I met up with this family of four who I knew would be a real treat. That is, if they were anything like the last time I photographed them. […]

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