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Baby Ben is always a crowd favorite. He just has that magical quality that makes you want to be around him, look at him and squeeze him up real tight. If you’ve been a blog stalker for long you probably know this already.

If you’re a newer or first time reader find out all about baby Ben here.

And then check out his 18 month old self here.

And then hold on to your chair and put on some sunglasses or something because he’s about to hit you with those big glowing, make-you-melt eyes.

As Lightning McQueen would say, “KA-CHOW!”

huntsville baby photographer 2

Ben is turning two this month, his first birthday to be celebrated at home with his dear mama. Something tells me it’s gonna be a blowout.

huntsville baby photographer 3

huntsville adoption photographer

One of the reasons Ben is SO fun to photograph is because of the range of expression that shows on his little face. There’s just no mistaking when he’s excited, confused, curious…

huntsville family photographer

Or even mischievious!

huntsville newborn photographer

huntsville family photographer 2

huntsville family photographer 3

This boy LOVES him some trains…but what two year old boy doesn’t, right?

huntsville newborn photographer 4

Pulling out the trains is a sure fire way to get any toddler  boy to sit down and stop running from my camera!

huntsville child photographer

After the trains lost their appeal we pulled out the big guns – the tricycle!

huntsville adoption photographer 2

That’s another tried and true way to keep a busy toddler still and occupied for a couple of minutes. In typical Ben fashion though he taught himself to push and pedal in about 30 seconds and he had his mama running like crazy to keep him from throwing himself into the thicket!

huntsville family photographer 4

I’m telling you, this kid is something else. At just shy of two years old he knows all of his letters, can count, sing any song you throw at him and use that adorable mug to get anything he wants. And did I mention he didn’t hear a word of English until less than a year ago?! He’s nothing short of amazing.

huntsville baby photographer 4

Okay, I’ll stop rambling now. I know you’re only here for the pictures anyway! 😉

huntsville baby photographer 5

huntsville newborn photographer 1

huntsville newborn photographer 3

Okay people…


huntsville baby photographer


 (A note to my 135mm/2.0 L lens: I promise I’ll never attempt to sell you again. Please forgive me for my months-long lapse in judgement. You were worth a second chance. I love you. *mwah*.)

Danica Nelson LOVE these – you are SO awesome!!

Martha Love these! He makes such an adorable subject to photograph. You do awesome work. I assumed you used the 85mm when outside. Did you use the 135mm for all of these?


Samantha It is just not right that one kid has that much cuteness AND that much personality.

Daphne LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Ok, the stick up his nose might not be blown up…BUT I love them! Thank you so much, Erin! I love that I will always have this memory of him! Love ya!

Jennifer I think the backwards-in-the-chair is my fav! He certainly does get your attention doesn’t he? He could be a little model cause he just has “IT”!

Gina Amazing photos! And that Ben, I just can’t get enough of him. Wish I could pick him up and squeeze him. Warms the heart to read his story and know how much Daphne loves him and he loves Daphne. Just can’t get enough, he brings a smile to your face.

nicki I do LOVE me some baby Ben.
He is just beautiful, such a special boy!

P.C. I agree! Ben’s just got “IT!”

Debbie I don’t know how many times I can think that you have out-done yourself, but geez, you have seriously out-done yourself here. These are amazing and beautiful. What a sweet little boy that Ben is.

Tracy Baby Ben should totally be a mode! His Momma must be head over heals for these great images of him. What a little sweetie!

Stacey Reese There’s that amazing bokeh again! So jealous! Hhmm…maybe need to get the 135mm instead of the 85mm. Every shot is gorgeous! You knocked it out of the park once again! Oh…and love the photos and your ramblings!

Buffy AMAZING! I really need some lessons!

staci bailey Oh Erin…these are amazing! AND I was totally amazed at the 135mm…..thought for sure it was your new 85mm…which I am saving up for….but the 135 rocks!!! Thanks for sharing!

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