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On April 16, 2004 I was driving home from a full day of teaching kindergarten, unwinding to the soothing voices of NPRAll Things Considered was my standard drive home fare and my mind flitted in and out as I half listened, half tuned out the stories of the hour. On this particular day singer/songwriter Lucy Kaplansky was being interviewed about her most recent album and it’s title song – The Red Thread. All I heard that day was the chorus – and that was enough. (This much I can say/this much I can do/when your heart is empty/I’ll try to fill it for you/’cause I’m the girl who learned to love from watching you).

The minute I arrived home I headed straight for Amazon and ordered a copy of the CD. And one for my mom.

Since that day I’ve been an avid Lucy Kaplansky fan. When I was pregnant with my daughter I flew from Denver to Birmingham to catch a show with my mom for the first time. And during that show Lucy played a cover of the Emmylou Harris song “Boulder to Birmingham“…I was thrilled. It was like she knew I was in the audience! (<—- I realize that is an over-the-top, stalkerish comment but I’m sticking with it.)

Lucy’s songs strike such deep chords for me, particularly the songs she writes about motherhood. When I first heard her song “Moon over Manhattan” I was so amazed by how she’d captured both the wonderful magic of childhood and the wonderful magic of parenthood. I was hooked and I dreamed of using that song on my website. I sat on that dream for a good year or more until I finally got up the courage to send her an email, never expecting a response. I conjured up all of my over the top, stalkerish feelings and tried to channel them into something a little less scary and much more flattering. And let me tell you, I nearly fell out of my chair when she emailed me back!

Thank you so much for the lovely email, you made my day!

And of course you can use the song on your site. I’d be honored.

All the best, Lucy

I knew I loved her. I hope you’ll love her too.

So, of course, the answer to yesterday’s little quickfire contest was that the music on my website has changed! I was stoked when the emails started pouring in just moments after the post when up. I guess that’s the power of Facebook and Twitter, right?! Six minutes later the contest was over as the correct answer sat in my inbox. Impressive!

Since yesterday’s contest fun ended so soon I’d love to send a copy of my favorite Lucy album to a random commenter…leave a comment ON THE BLOG if you’d love to have a little bit of Lucy of your own.

Jen Weaver The first I’d heard of Lucy was on your blog! The lyrics are touching–I’d love to hear them set to music!

Jaime I love all kinds of music and this is no different. Would Love to have my own copy! Awesome that she wrote you back…so fun!

Aunt Lu I love my Red Thread CD you made for me and every time I watch it it makes me so thankful for you, Meghan, your mom and your gramma…Thanks again for that…I love you.

nicki Would love to hear it!

Lacey Man, this post started off like a Reader’s Digest article–I was worried. Alas, it had a good ending! :- ) I’m off to listen to Lucy. Should be working. Came to your blog to procrastinate. :- D

Kelly R what a great song for your website! i’ve never heard her music before, but love her sound.

Andrea I would love a copy…I’ve never heard her music before. :)

Jennifer I’ve never heard of her before, but the music on your site is wonderful. I would love a cd!

Jenny What a beautiful song and a great story on how this music came to be on your site. It sounds like Lucy’s music has a lot of meaning to you and several family members of yours! I can understand why you love “Moon over Manhattan” so much, it sure speaks to a Mama’s heart.

chesley i’d never heard of her before, but i love the song on your site!

Stacey Her music is new to me, but am loving the words already. Would love the copy of the CD.

Jackie Roche I’d love a copy!!

monet Erin, wow. I’m leaving this comment not just because I would love a copy of the CD, but because you amaze me. I don’t even know how I ended up becoming a fan of erin cobb photography on FB, but I just spent some time on *all* of your websites: pigbear, your photo a day sites, everywhere. You are doing some amazing things *and* documenting them. How do you do it?

ellen patton Of course I’d love a copy!

cathy I have never heard of her but found your post touching & can’t wait to go home to listen to your site. Can’t at work. I would love to be entered. Thanks.

Jodie Isn’t it amazing when music speaks to you that way? I love the song on your site – so soothing. Thanks for sharing!

Tracey Skadberg Thanks for doing another contest!!

Christy Love it!!

Meridith S. I just loved listening to that song on your site! Makes me want to go out and buy more of her things. It also kept me looking longer on the site so I could hear it all!!

robin what an amazing, soothing, beautiful voice! and what an awesome song. :)

carriegel I love that song! I’m going to have to go check out some more of her music. Thanks.

Rhonda Love, love, love listening to different music!!

Tina R I remember you mentioning her before. Love her voice!! :)

Lori Count me in! those are some great lyrics :)

Lorena Mora This is the first time I’ve heard this song on your website, I really like it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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