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I feel so fortunate to be a young (30 is still young, right?) woman in the age of the internet. I have made so many wonderful connections on the web that have enriched my life in countless ways. About four years ago I first ran into Jennifer McGuire on a scrapbooking/photography message board that we were both involved with. She has gone on to become (as the saying goes) kind of a big deal.  She’s written a book. She writes a monthly article for Creaking Keepsakes magazine. She’s on a design team for Hero Arts. And perhaps at the top of my list for reasons I admire her, she is the creator of Cards for Kids which is a monthly card drive for children battling a variety of illnesses. Yep, she’s kind of a big deal.

And guess what I am?

Well, as of last week I’m her photographer!  Which by default makes me kind of a big deal, right?! 😉


It was truly a joy and privilege to hang out with Jennifer and her amazing family for the day. Her little guy is stunning. (I see son-in-law potential in those brown eyes.)

We were missing his two big sisters (I hear he’s a pretty big fan) but he accepted these two as stand-ins…    

He seems to be pretty into them too…

He had some extended family along for the ride too and I was thrilled to capture some amazing images that include his grandparents and his cooler than cool uncle. But I’ll be saving those for the gallery. A girl’s got to leave something as a surprise, right?

It makes me so happy when mom and dad ask to have a few shots of them alone. Afterall, when it’s all said and done it’ll be just the two of you – so every now and again it’s a good idea to make sure you still like that person standing next to you! I’m fairly certain I know the answer to that question when it comes to these two… 

 Jennifer, it was such a pleasure finally meeting you after all these years. I can’t wait to show you the rest of your images. Your family is just as amazing as you are…and that’s sure saying something!

Melanie Just gorgeous!

Amy in OHio Jennifer is so beautiful – inside as much as out, so I’ve never seen a bad picture of her, BUT THESE ARE AMAZING! And little C is cute as ever.

Oh, I wish you lived in Cincinnati Erin! Maybe you could moonlight up north a couple times a year, eh?

Jamie Love these pictures! I followed Jennifer’s link over from Twitter and imagine my suprise when I saw “Huntsville” pop up on the website. I live in Madison and I would love for you to capture our family. Just curious… Was Jennifer here in town or did you go up to Ohio?

admin Thanks you guys! They were such a fun family to photograph!

Jamie, HI! How funny that we’re in the same place. =) My family travels to OH every year for my husband’s AF reserve duty and I always take sessions while we’re there. We just returned home on Friday so, yes, I photographed Jennifer’s family in OH. But I would love to photograph yours here! =)

Lori Yes, Erin, you are a BIG DEAL to me! I recently started following you from Karen Russell’s blog. I never get tired of looking at your pictures and they are so inspiring to this budding amateur. I’m just learning my way around a camera and portrait photography is very intimidating to me. Your pictures make me want to give it a try. Your love for children and people in general really shows through your photos.

If you ever give a workshop in your area, let me know as I have a good friend who lives in Madison I could visit.

Blessings on you and yours!

Jennifer McGuire Erin, I can’t even begin to tell you the joy in my heart right now. And I have you to thank. Off to send you a loving email. Smooch!

cher wowser! these are great pics! amazing photographer…but a very gorgeous family! Jennifer…you are so beautiful…as is Colin and that hunk of a hubby you have…drool material for sure! DO NOT TELL HIM I SAID THAT! ty so much for sharing… cher
(same one who reads your blog daily! and that you enable routinely) xo

Jill Lovely images!!

Lovely Cutler Erin, these are awesome exposures and you are one of the most talented photographers. wow! i wanna be as great as you. i wanna like you:) you’re such an inspiration. thanks for sharing:)

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