the mind boggles | huntsville one year old photographer

As with all one year olds who were Erin Cobb Photography newborns, let us first rewind for a moment and remember when today’s blog star was just an itty bitty thing…

 Now let’s all sigh in solidarity with his parents who surely can’t believe that in a mere 365 days that chunk of love somehow grew into this… How do they do that?

It boggles the mind.

But whether we like it or not they grow and they grow and they grow, until they’re bright-eyed, chubby cheeked little dudes…  

With absolutely perfect profiles… Who know how to steal their mama’s hearts.  

 And the love? Just like the child who was once that itty bitty thing, it just grows and it grows and it grows.

(Happy Birthday Mr. I. You sure are a cute one.)

Natalie Erin,

You did a great job! :) I Love my sneak peak.

Thanks a million! 😀

niki your photos are precious. i have you on my sidebar and enjoy your daily posts!
~niki in az

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