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Whenever I photograph 5 year olds it takes me right back to my days teaching kindergarten when I had the privilege of hanging out with amazing kiddos like this all day, everyday…

Now that my career path has changed I feel so blessed that I still get to spend time with children at that magical age. Though I’m no longer teaching them to read I like to think that I’m helping their parents preserve an undeniably precious time in their lives. This little guy was such a ball of energy, which is totally up my alley. We hit it off instantly and halfway through the session his mom jokingly asked if I babysat! Little man, if I didn’t have two rugrats of my own you’d be at the top of my list of kiddos to babysit for. Promise!

I love this next shot. I think it perfectly sums up what every little boy with a wonderful father feels: “Daddy, I want to be like you.”

While the main focus of our session was Mr. Five Years Old, I also had to grab some shots of his cutie patootie little sister. I loved her in this spot in the garden…

And finally, the whole fam together.

Right where they all belong.

Cheryl Oh my Beth, these are fantasic!!! I love the way she captured Little man spirit!!! Can’t wait to see them all!!!!!

Elizabeth J These are great Erin! What a cute little guy. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Rhonda LOVE LOVE the first pic of D. The family one is perfect.
Great job Erin and C family!! Beautiful!

Elizabeth Cisneros Gorgeous children, but the family shot was breathtaking!

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