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Have you ever received a beautifully packaged gift sitting at the  very top of a gift bag, pulled it out and thought to yourself “this is the most perfect gift EVER”?

You ooh and aah over the gift, thrilled to have it in your hands. But after several moments pass the gift giver speaks up and says, “Wait, there’s something else at the bottom.” And you reach in only to find that you now have TWO of the most perfect gifts ever.

I think this family might know a little something about how that feels. Of course on a much grander scale.

In the early months of 2009 they welcomed their first son into the world. He was surely their most perfect gift.

 Little did they know, there was more in store for them. And this month they welcomed the second in their set of perfect gifts.

Two brothers, less than 14 months apart. What a blessing.

Although I can’t help but think when I look at this next photograph that big brother just might be thinking, “Is this seriously what you got me for my birthday?!” 

I’m confident that one day very soon he’ll know what amazing thing this little brother is.  

Meanwhile, his parents already know.

And they’re dumping that gift bag out and digging through the tissue…you know, just to be sure they’ve discovered all that’s inside.


Blessings to this new, fabulous family of four.

staci LOVE these!!!

Amy Oh, I’ve been waiting for these! They are gorgeous. What great gifts, indeed!

Anya Coleman So sweet!!!


denis wonderful photography

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