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I’ve been looking forward to this outside the box session for some time now. My calendar is filled with babies, toddlers, kiddos and families but it’s rare that I get my camera on just the grownups. But that’s exactly what this session was all about! When this mama called to see if I would be up for a ten year anniversary session (sans their one year old that I adore) I jumped at the chance. Everyone needs to mix things up a bit every now and then, right?

We made a plan that I would come hang out at their house with them first and then we’d head downtown for the second half of their session. I think the juxtaposition of a couple at home versus a couple out on the town is super fun. Not to mention a couple that’s been together for 10 years! I like to call this little experiment “perception v. reality.”

Here’s the perception of a sweet married couple after a decade of marriage…

And here’s the reality!

Which often results in a trip to the “sassy words” jar…

Ha! I can totally relate. =)

After a few drinks inside (I even got a baby martini…I could get use to that!) we headed out to the front porch where there was a bit of making up.

But then things took a PG-13 turn and when I threatened to blog it, here’s what I got…

I’m still giggling thinking about that moment!

Once we headed downtown things got really interesting…

But I’ll be saving the rest for my friends to check out together. Afterall, there’s got to be some kind of reward for surviving celebrating 10 years of marriage!

Here’s to the first decade you guys!

Elfriede Rucker I LOVE the pictures! And I love the people, they are the most caring and fun loving couple. And now of course the little Mr. Smith, who is adorable! Any way GREAT PICTURES!

Bonita I love this!!! What a great way share 10 years wrapped up in pictures!

Tom & Donna S Incredible pictures ! the realities of love…..such a special couple….and we are honored to witness their pre-dating, dating, marriage, and last 10 years. The pictures are so Erin & John. Thank you.

Janie Our 10 year anniversary was this past weekend! Why didn’t I think to do a fun photo session?! Thanks for the idea – there’s still time!

Sarah Schlicht Very cute! Love it!!!

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