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September 1st.


Five days from now.

That’s what you’re waiting for if you’re anxious to get on the list for a holiday minisession (and judging by the number of inquiries in my inbox, lots of you are!). All the details, including a few holiday card samples, will be posted here on Tuesday. Those of you who are signed up for my email newsletter will get the goods direct to your inbox Monday night. Right now I have two dates scheduled and they’re sure to go fast!

In the meantime, I thought I’d kick off a little postapalooza to keep things hoppin’ around here while you wait. My pesky and demanding best friend Samantha reminded me while we were in Vegas this past weekend (I know! I know! Next time I’ll invite you!) that I still haven’t posted the handful of pics of her little guy that I took on our family vaction this summer. Her pesky demandingness can be insufferable so in an attempt to get her off my back I’ll start with sweet little William. He’s not pesky or demanding at all. He’s like his daddy. 😉

huntsville baby photographer

He’s has the cutest little squinty-eyed smile, but a real sweet serious face too…

huntsville child photographer

So, William was a big baby. He was born at almost 10 pounds and kept right up with that porky-paced growth. My husband and I used to wonder if his neck muscles would really be strong enough to hold up those delicious cheeks! His cheeks aren’t showing any signs of dissipating and he’s still packing a little chub in his squishy baby hands which is why I love this shot of him touching his face.

huntsville child photographer 1

Oh gosh, another personal fave. I was trying to keep him in this spot by handing him a rock to play with. Before I knew it he had chunked it straight up into the air and, of course, instead of trying to keep him from getting nailed by it I did what any responsible photographer would do and I photographed it. I imagine one day he’ll be standing in an outfield somewhere striking a similar pose praying, “please let me catch it, please let me catch it.” This just makes me smile.

Huntsville family photographer

Oh you soulful baby boy, I love you.

Huntsville newborn photographer 1

I think this next one might have been my first shot of the day. I think I must have been taking a test shot to check my exposure since I don’t make it a habit of photographing children that aren’t looking at me. When it showed up on my screen though I just loved it. Definitely a keeper.

huntsville family photographer 2

He’s a keeper too. Although I might need to unload his pesky, demanding mama at some point.

huntsville baby photographe r1


Jenni Can’t wait for the mini session details!!!

Samantha You are beyond obnoxious. I won’t even mention how LOOOOONG I waited for the pictures you took in APRIL that I didn’t see until JULY without a single complaint on my part. I hope you know I’m only using you for photography and other than that I am totally done with you as my bff.

Love the pictures, but seriously, how could anybody take a bad picture of the cutest one year old alive?

Erin See what I have to put up with people? I’m only friend with her out of pity.

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