the case for the family portrait


I know you want a portrait of your family.

How do I know? The way anyone knows anything this day and age: Facebook.

My feed was absolutely flooded yesterday with pictures of just about every single family I know in adorably matching, brightly colored, sweet-as-the-day-is-long outfits. It was Easter, and y’all brought it.

You wrestled your little ones into smocked dresses and bow ties and suspenders. You wrangled your husbands into pastel and paisley and seersucker. And you managed to hide the surely frantic mess of a morning behind a pretty fab outfit of your own. I applaud you, Mama. I see you.

You did all of that by a quarter past 8 and then your sweet little family headed off to church and brunch and egg hunts and family gatherings.

But first, wait! A picture! While everyone is looking their best…somebody grab a camera!

And you did. You grabbed a camera right out of your purse, you handed it off to the nearest non-immediate family member and you pulled that clan close for one beautiful, harried shot…on an iphone.

I hear you, Mama. I see you. I’m over here doing the same thing and I get it. But may I make a suggestion?

Call me.

Not on Easter, of course. Because I’m busy at home wrestling my own people into seersucker and such. But any other day, call me. Or if not me, call someone.

Because no matter the season – of the year or of our lives – we each want to capture that moment in time. That priceless picture of who we are and how we love each other. And it’s worthy of so much more than an iphone.

Now, I get it. Family picture day has gotten a truly terrible wrap. It’s long been associated with stress and angst and weeping and wailing. But I’m here to suggest that if that is your family picture day experience then you might be doing it wrong. See, when we get together we’re on your timeline, 100%. Sure, I want you to show up relatively on time, but beyond that it’s all about you.

Most of the time I sweep the kiddos off almost immediately to get to know them and grab a few individual shots while the parents are left inside to grab a drink and start to realize that maybe this isn’t the stress-fest they thought it might be. After a few minutes of down time together I’ll come grab you, get your little love bunch in position and then we’ll just chat. Be silly. Tell family jokes. And then it’s over. OVER. Your kids will walk away smiling, the daddies will walk away in awe that we’re done already and you’ll walk away excited to see your new wall portrait art in a few weeks.

See those portraits up there? Each one was taken in a different season of the year. There is no “right” time for family portraits.

Call me when you’re ready. I’ll be here. And I won’t be holding an iphone.


(If you’re an ECP family and you recognize this experience I’m talking about, I’d love if you’d share this with a friend or two. I’m passionate about capturing the love in families…then again, I think you know that already.)





Jackie I truly look forward to our sessions with Erin. My kids have fun; it’s actually relaxing for me because Erin captures their attention so easily; but the best part is the amazing way our pictures capture who we are—well, at least the beautiful part if who we are! 😉

Geek Thanks for sharing!

App Development Texas For the very first time, I read your blog and loved it.

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