thank you Mr. President.


This weekend while away on a girls weekend I had the chance to photograph a dear friend (and mama-to-be) at an amazing location – Monticello! President Jefferson graciously opened his home (okay, his garden) and gave us free reign over the place. Okay "free" might be a stretch but, whatever, it was fun. =)

Now before you go looking at any of these pictures I’m just going to warn you that if you’ve ever been hugely and grossly pregnant (like I have) then you’re probably about to be filled with jealousy and rage and a host of other unkind emotions.  Because this friend of mine is gorgeous. And her clothes are cute. And her skin is a-maz-ing. And if I didn’t love her so much I’d hate her. I’m just sayin’.


See? I know.

Love this expectant pose. Is this the international "get this baby out" stance or what?


Couldn’t decide between color and b/w…

3_4 5_4

We had to stalk this arbor for a while before all the tourists got out and let us have our moment. I actually took some test shots while a woman was still looking around and admiring it…I think I might have freaked her out just a tad. 😉



Do you think the Jeffersons would have noticed if I’d taken this chair? It would have looked amazing with the yellow walls in my house.



Do you hate her yet? I promise she’s a nice girl.:)


Thanks so much for letting me do this girl…I hope you love them! 

Jen Lane Lovely wonam-she is just glowing! Lovely photos Erin!

Susie PSU OK, she looks even better in person, and that’s hard to do! Great job, Erin. I’m truly impressed. I think the very first one is my personal favorite. It just makes me miss all of us standing around and watching…

Samantha Everybody knows I’ve ALWAYS had a thing for Jennifer!

jeramy i hate her.

just kidding….i love pregnant ladies….sharon…sharon….helloo????

Jennifer It’s all so beautiful…the scenery, the model….and that chair is very cool too!

Amy She is so freakin’ gorgeous! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there. . . but glad I have these to look at!

Gina Awesome pictures and She looks wonderful. I just can’t wait to see the baby of that beautiful mommy to be.

Julie P From one photographer to another, awesome! The scenery is totally inspirational as well. I am pregnant and wish you could do my photos!

Jennifer Awww. I love the pictures, and had fun doing them!

Elizabeth Nieboer yay! so, so pretty! how fortuitous that that chair was green :) May favorite may be the last one, actually – it lets us see right through to Vetma via Jennifer’s eyes -=sigh=


Brandy Great pics Erin! Jennifer, you look great.

Rhonacs Love the photos and she does look gorgeous. Is that a little girl she’s having? I would guess so from the photos :o) Will have to check back later to find out.

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