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Yesterday morning I ventured up to Green Mountain to hang out with the sweetest little family. The air was still somewhat cool and the morning sun was just starting to twinkle through the trees. It was a beautiful day to do what I love!

Just mom and the kiddos were there to start. Dad would join us later so I worked with each of the kiddos first. I love to meet gentle, polite young men like this new friend of mine…it makes me look forward to my own little man growing up!


We had quite a time together and spotted lots of animals along the way. His keen eye even found a turtle way out in the water!


Next was little sister who would have been perfectly happy to ride in her comfy stroller all morning. I couldn’t believe how good natured she was for an 18 month old! She was totally happy to do whatever we were doing. So fun!


I adore her wispy little baby hair blowing in the breeze!


Eighteen months is a special age to me because it feels like such a transition between baby and child. Their little brains starting picking up words fast and furious and their¬†independent spirit really starts to shine through. It’s so fun to witness and capture.¬†This little shot of her holding her mama’s hand tight while looking back curiously to check on me just seems to sum it all up…


Before the kiddos’ dad arrived their mama had asked me to try and capture their reactions when they first saw him. The way they lit up when he rounded the corner at the park speaks volumes to how much they adore their daddy.


We ended our time together with some playful family shots and then called it a day. It was the perfect way to kick off a fabulous weekend!


Jennifer Wow – what a gorgeous little scenic spot!!

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