super fun fam.

I had the absolute time of my life photographing this family this weekend. Justin is my husband’s roommate from “college”* and was a groomsmen in our wedding 8 years ago. Justin and his wife Stefanie are out-of-staters so when they called to see about scheduling a session while they were in our neck of the woods I was elated! One, it gave us a great excuse to see them and, two, I’ve been following their precious little family via their blog for the past year or so and was chomping at the bit to get my hands on their sweet little four month old and their adorably precocious toddler. Because they’re near and dear to us, prepare yourselves for a bit of an overload. 😉

I’ve read the stories and seen the pictures but nothing could have prepared me for meeting this ball of fire!


According to her mama she selected her outfit from head to toe (minus the white T that she was adamant about not wearing). Apparently while strolling through babyGAP she picked up the dress…then the shoes…and then announced, “OH! I’ll wear them TOGEDDER!”. And the shopping trip was over. That’s just the way she rolls. Her word is the final word. =)


And besides, who can argue with good taste? Or for that matter, a face like this?


Certainly not me!


Oh, you are a cutie.

 To be rivaled only by your gummy-mouthed little brother…


I hear stories about this little man screaming like a banshee for his first two months of life. Judging by his sweet spirit at my house over the last few days, I don’t believe a word of it. Liars, both of them. 😉


I love, love, love watching a father with his son. There’s just nothing else like it.


And when I capture moments like this, I love it even more…


Now the only thing I don’t love about this next shot is that it’s not my daughter and me! Be still my jealous heart.


(I may be working some photoshop magic in the near future) 😉

Oooh, check it…this one’s a little different for me…


I must revisit that brick wall! How fun is that?

Okay, remember when I said there was nothing like daddies and their sons? Maybe I lied.


And finally, the shot that will forever remain in my mind as the “insurance” shot. All through the session Justin kept joking that he wanted pictures that would sell insurance. You know, the all-American family frolicking barefoot in fresh grass on a balmy spring day. Here you go dude…


Thanks so much for making the trek down south you guys! We loved every minute of it!


 *note: quotations in that sentence are absolutely essential since their “college” was actually the United States Air Force Academy…not much there resembles real college, right boys?!


Interesting/terrifying sidestory for the photogs out there: The evening before our session our two families were sitting around talking about photographs. Stefanie mentions that they haven’t had professional images since their wedding. Justin responds with, “oh yeah, what was the girl’s name who did our wedding? Jessica…” and Stefanie chimes in, “Claire!”.

Um, yeah. Nothing like a little pressure. =)

Stefanie YAH!! I LOVE THEM!!!! You are awesome — the ones of the little man are amazing! Thank you so much — cannot wait to see the rest! We loved visiting!

Daniel Mendez well done! I think you DID get the insurance shot 😉
Besides the last one, my favorite is the brick wall with 2 colors… the wall’s contrast, the poses and the way Justin crosses over and how all have a great expression make it an incredible photo!

Tina R Oh, these are gorgeous! I can’t even pick any favorites. But what I’d give to have a family shot like that one! You for one don’t have to worry about that “pressure”. Sure Jessica Claire is a big name, but Erin Cobb is too! 😉

Susie Ms. Claire has nothing over you when it comes to kiddos, Erin :)

Kimberly Love every single one of them!!! And i’m quite the fan of the green polka dot dress and chucks. Last year my little one had her 2 year old pics taken in the exact same outfit!

Kelly Kuntz You rocked it… pressure and all 😉 Ditto Susie

That wall is cool and first glance I thought it was dipyct.

Bianca Love them all! You’ve worked your magic, once again.

Amy Great shots! That brick wall is so cool–such a great concept (just another example of you seeing some “magic”!). Great to see this lovely family!

Michele (Stef’s mom) Erin,

You did a fabulous job! They sure are cuties! Can’t wait to see the rest.

stephanie fisher I adore her little outfit!! so sweet and stylish to boot! and the others are right- she ain’t got nothin’ on you in the kiddos department! 😉

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