These days the editing of my own family’s images happens here and there. One while the kids eat breakfast. Another during Sesame Street. Maybe one more while dinner simmers on the stove. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I’d really like to get done. And I love my 7 hours of sleep too much to give those up. So here and there will have to do.

In that spirit I hope to sprinkle a few shots of my own kiddos (nieces and nephews included) into this blog when I can. It’s a good way to spice up an otherwise boring and business-y blog post and it reminds my sister that even though her daughter’s session was a month ago, I haven’t forgotten about her!


Now that the sweetness has been sprinkled, on to the business-y part.

Despite the interest of many of you I’ve decided against spring minisessions this year. I looked closely at my calendar to see where I might fit it in and I just don’t see it happening. Or I should say, I don’t see it happening with my sanity intact! =) Those of you who know me in person probably realize that “no” isn’t an easy word for me so I’m bummed about not making them happen. Thank you to all of those who inquired about the possiblity though! I am hoping to put together a day or two of summer minisessions so keep your eye on the newsletter and the blog for that announcement in the coming months.

Happy Tuesday!

Bianca Wow! She has such beautiful eyes!!

Jaime Erin, I just love how you capture eyes! I wish so badly I could figure out how you do it!

Mom That Sweet Charlotte is growing up way too fast! Wonderful picture of her!

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