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or “Why It Never Hurts to Ask.”

It’s true that most of my sessions are booked several weeks, even months in advance. My kiddos are little, I only take a handful per month and my clients know that if they want in they’re better off calling early. But sometimes spontaneity is fun, right? So when a friend of a friend called Thursday evening after seeing my work for the first time and asked if I could fit her in before they headed back to their out of state home (on Sunday!) I juggled my schedule a bit and said, “sure!”.

And I’m glad I did. Because I got to meet this delicious chunk of munchkin…

Huntsville newborn photographer 3

She just made her first birthday and is right on the verge of being a full-fledged walker. We had her out in the backyard walking with her mommy. Or should I say walking her mommy. That would probably be more accurate, the way she took charge and steered/yanked her mommy all around the yard!

Huntsville baby photographer 1

Probably my favorite part of our time together though was when I first arrived. They were staying at her GiGi’s house and hadn’t traveled into town with a photo shoot in mind so we were sorting through outfits, determining what might work best. Sitting by the window were a couple of baskets filled with colored twine that baby girl couldn’t wait to get her hands on. So what choice did I have but to let her?!

huntsville child photographer

I have so many pics of her all tangled up in the stuff. She was having a ball which meant her mom and GiGi and I were too!

Huntsville family photographer

Oh, and even though she’s not quite a full-on walker, she does this amazing sumo wrestler pose to push herself into standing position (without using her hands!). It was so funny to watch. Wish I’d gotten a shot of the low crouch that happened just before she muscled her way into this.

huntsville baby photographer

And one more that I just HAVE to share. Her mama was such a good sport about the whole thing, even when we were traipsing around the¬†backyard in her perfectly precious white dress. And then she found the mud – the wet Alabama red clay that makes even the toughest stain fighters tremble. And mama and GiGi didn’t even bat an eye, pronouncing, “she’s washable.” Oh how I love clients like that!

huntsville family photographer 1

So I grabbed that shot and then quickly packed my bag and hurried out…so that *I* wasn’t the one to scrub her down! I can imagine it wasn’t fun! =)

More sneak peeks on the way this week…and the BIG minisession info day is Tuesday (Monday night for those of you who get the newsletter)!

Brenda CoVan (Gigi) Hi Erin-

Wow!! You really captured the personality of our smallest angel!!! Thank you for working us in on such short notice. It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you.


amy leigh Oh, the ones with the yarn. Just so pretty and fun. I love these!

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