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Southern Summer weather is in full effect here in Alabama which means you can pretty much count on a daily 6 p.m. thunder shower. That makes life really fun since it’s also the time most of my evening sessions start! Thankfully we Southerners are pretty hearty when it comes to a little rain, and we aren’t afraid to get our toes wet. And these guys were certainly no exception…

Huntsville Baby pictures

I remember living in Colorado a few years back and laughing at traffic every time it rained. The interstate would slow to a crawl the minute it started to drizzle. But give them a good snow shower and they’d all be hitting the gas! We’re pretty much the complete opposite in Alabama. Bring on the rain!

Check out the looks on these three gorgeous kiddos…


They come from good stock.

Thanks for braving the rain, y’all – and for looking fabulous while doing it!

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