southern classic

The mama of this sweet little two year old booked her session several months ago with this heirloom dress in mind. It has quite a story behind it and was stitched together with an amazing amount of love and talent. I was charged with photographing her in it so I tried to bring just as much love and talent of my own to get the job done right! =)

To be honest, I’m not even sure when or how we got this shot but I’m sure glad we did!  It melts my heart…


Two year olds are such fun to hang out with. You truly never know what you’re going to get on any given day from any given child. It’s always different! In addition to the dazzling smile seen above my little friend also brought her shy side. And isn’t that such a part of being two?


After we ran around for a bit in her gorgeous gown we arm-wrestled her into this poofy tutu (straight from the Big Apple) and tried another set of shots. These are my two faves.

First, trying to shut me out…


HA! AS IF! =)

And then a little peekabo with her mama. Something about this faceless shot just gets me. It reminds me of a ballerina waiting backstage for her curtain call. Foreshadowing perhaps?


Thanks for the fun this week, little Miss. And for the exercise! Trust me, I needed all that running! =)

Kristi Kelly Oh my goodness–I love seeing littles that I know! She is precious! Erin (C) you do such a wonderful job! I know Erin (B) is melting over these shots!

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