Southern California Sessions

 I’ll be heading to Southern California in Febuary for three days of shooting *IF* I book at least 6 sessions.  Minimum sessions are booked…trip is definitely on!

Emails went out yesterday to those who have expressed interest via email, blog, twitter, or facebook. If you didn’t get it and you want it, leave a comment or email me! I will take up to 9 sessions while I’ m there. Can’t wait to see all you SoCal’ers!

Kristin Medcalf Hi Erin! We live about 3 hours north of L.A. Would it be possible to shoot in a park or other fun location? What dates will you be out? I would love to schedule something if it works. I love your style!


P.S. We have 4 children (Twin girls 6, daughter 9, and son 11)

admin Hi Kristin! Yes, we can definitely work in that sort of location. Why don’t you send me an email so I can send you more details?

Lisa We visit our family in Southern California every couple months, could you email me with the weekend you will be there? I would love to book a session if it works out! Also, which part of SoCal? We go to Orange County. Thanks, Erin.

admin Just emailed both of you! =)

Amy Coordt Wondering when you will be here and what is you session pricing?

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