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I had a little visitor right before Christmas who warmed my heart with his baby blues. He brought his precious big sisters (and mama and daddy) too but I’ve yet to open the rest of the images. We’ve had a rough intro to 2011 in our house but everytime I see this little guy on my desktop I can’t help by smile. I thought he might do the same for you…

 I’ll share the rest of his fabulous family in the next week. But today, I just needed a smile. And he brought it.  

donya All about the tongue! Haha. Gorgeous photography as alawys, Erin!

ellen patton That is one happy kid! I hope the new year gets brighter soon. :)

Bridget What a sweetie pie.. Definitely brings on a smile ♥

marian I knew the tears would come as soon as I checked this blog. I was right. I love you.

Eric Larson Thank God he looks like his mama! Great job, Erin! Can you photoshop in a fly so he’ll have something to catch with that tongue? I like the third from the bottom the best. That’s his personality, right there.

Lisa He is just too precious! Those expressions are adorable! soo much fun!

I hope to join you in February. We are in Nor Cal, but plan on visiting family…what area of So Cal will you be in?

Would love to know where your got that gorgeous furry rug!

Liams Proud Auntie You did such a great job! Thanks for posting them soon. We live so far away, and today I feel like he’s with us!

Amber He’s already quite a character – I loved these!

Amy C These are so stinking cute!

Melissa Hunnicutt Oh, my gosh! Marian, he is so big already! He’s adorable. Great job, Erin!

Anne What a cutie with a mischevious smile! And you are right, I couldn’t help but smile when I looked at these pictures. Glad it made smile too friend.

Amy What a cutie! I just love how bright and light your images are. It’s pure happiness and these are just perfect!

Michelle I wish I could get some shots of my baby on his belly like those!! Precious! I too would like to know where you got the rug. Thanks!

admin Thanks all! This little guy made for an easy subject, that’s for sure!

The rug was passed down to my by another photographer-friend. I have an idea that she might have purchased it from Ikea but I’m not sure. It’s so fun to photograph on but it sheds like crazy!

Happiness Is… I seriously MUST have you take pictures of our kids one day – I know you couldn’t make it for the newborn session, but if and when you are ever in NOLA, please tell me! I drool over your work (for real)!

Catherine These are absolutely incredible…and so is that little guy!!!

marian Erin, as soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I decided to come look at the pictures again. That is how happy they’ve made me! Thank you a million times over for capturing my little bundle of joy. To me, the last one and the second one best show what he is really like. Love!

jeramy super cute!

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