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Yesterday I kicked off the 2010 shooting year with TWO sets of THREE brothers. Can you say baptism by fire? 😉 It was awesome. Nothing gets my adrenaline going like a good challenge.

Their mamas are friends who took advantage of my “Share the Love” January special. (don’t get the newsletter? you totally should. link’s in the sidebar!) Of course they were both jockeying for position on the blog, anxious to get a sneak peek of their little loves. I told the mama of the first set that she would be first. That didn’t go over well with the mama of the second. “But I’ve known you longer! And I referred her to you!” she said (all in good fun, of course. I think.). How could I argue? So today we’ll just settle on a sneak peek of the sneek peeks…featuring both sets of brothers! Who are equally adorable, I must say…

More tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to let choose a random integer between 1 and 2. I certainly can’t be held responsible for who goes next! =)

Andrea Erin, they are great! You ARE magic! As the mama of the second, you know I was kidding . . . but clearly being obnoxious paid off! :O) I can’t wait to see more!!

Amy There’s just something about boys! These look great! And I love your spruced-up blog!

Tori Hey Erin!
Great pictures. I am not getting the newsletters:( I have signed up and just checked again and it says I am already signed up with my email address. Am I missing something?

admin Andrea, I can’t wait for you to see the rest! Your boys are so awesome…they totally made my day yesterday.

Amy, thanks for noticing the new look! It’s a work in progress but I’m already so much happier with it…

Tori, would you email me your email addy? I’ll double-check that you’re on the list and get it fixed for you. You have to confirm your subscription via email once you subscribe and sometimes that piece doesn’t happen. Also, there’s the possiblity the newsletters could be ending up in your spam or bulk mail folder so be sure to check there periodically. I learned this the hard way after missing several important emails that were being funneled there for some reason!

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