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At long last I’m back to share the big sisters who belong to last week’s smiling cutie. If he put a smile on your face, these girls are sure to do the same…times two! I never share this many images on my blog but these girls are friends of mine and I know their mama has been chomping at the bit to see their adorableness. So I must oblige. =) I love how this series shows the range of personality these sweet girls have. I’m short on words today so just the cuteness overload!      

A few more of the little guy on his own…

We tried to get a shot of the three of them together and as hard as the girls tried, um, I just don’t think it worked. Little man was having none of it! This picture makes me laugh!

Finally, I have to give a shout out to my helper for the morning…my girl Sarah! How soon is too soon to put her on the payroll?

marian are they really this beautiful, or does your photography make them so? Or both? I don’t care either way, these are treasures I will cherish all my life. Thank you so so much, Erin. Will sing your praises from the mountaintops!

Brent They are that beautiful, Marian. Love your kiddos. And I guess you and Eric, too.

sheila Oh, how I miss these faces! What stunning pics.

Veronica Reeve Inspired by your post on the creative mama, I am coming out from my silent corner to say, “Hello Erin!” and maybe add to that…”You are an amazing photographer that I’ve followed for a long time and really admire.” I might have commented once or twice, but I will comment more often. As for this session, it really is incredible that you can produce so many fun pictures in one location, with the simplest pose of sitting next to a window. Great work! Oh, and one question, which I know you are busy and might not have a chance to answer, but the lighting on their faces is so beautiful, do you use a reflector or something to filter the light on the window so it isn’t too bright?

Anyhoo, don’t be surprised if you see more comments from me…promise I’m not shady.

admin Welcome Veronica! And “hi” right back at you! I didn’t filter the light from the window in these pics. It’s just nice, fresh, light. Not too harsh…just right!

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