sister love.

19 months apart and seriously sweet to each other. They swore to me that they never fight and if I didn’t have a sister 18 months older than me I might have believed them!


I’ve been on quite a toddler streak lately. It’s been awhile since I’ve photographed big kids so these girls were quite a treat. Not to mention that they’re…GORGEOUS!


Can you believe the stunning eyes they have? Oh my. I hope their daddy has a game plan for a few years down the road. And a really, really big stick.   


And their backyard was almost as gorgeous as they were! *Almost* 


Thanks so much for the fun girls. I hope we get to do it again sometime! =)

Drea I love these photos. the grass on the one sisters feet is so cute 2!

Shana-Lynn Beautiful!! Those girls are beautiful as well. The boys will be after them for sure.

Jennifer They certainly are gorgeous! And that hair!! Some women pay big bucks for hair like that.

leigh lear these are so gorgeous, i wanna be you when i grow up:)

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