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Do you hear that?

Yeah, so it’s been a little stale around here lately. Sorry ’bout that! It was a long weekend though so I can’t imagine many people were sitting home checking blogs. Although I was admittedly checking blogs on my iphone even on our weekend away so maybe you were too! An any rate, I didn’t want to leave this place quiet any longer so I’m here for just a sec to share a shot of my newest nephew, little brother to my youngest neice. We missed his birth by TWO LOUSY DAYS (they live in FL) and had to wait until this past weekend – his two month birthday – to see him. He was worth the wait though. He’s just the snuggliest little hotbox you ever did see!


There’s more where this came from, don’t you worry. I’ll be back in a day or so with more!

In the meantime, I’m busy finalizing my holiday minisession schedules for October 17th and November 14th. I have one spot left on each day so get in touch ASAP if you still need one. Because they filled so quickly I’m considering adding a third day…I’ll be sure to post if that happens! If you get in touch and I don’t have any minisession spots available I’ll start a waiting list which will be pulled from first if I do add a third day.  So email or call today!

P.C. Awe! Thanks again SO much for taking pics for us–You’re the best Chachi and photographer I know! Little Nate was loving his Chachi time and keeping you warm :)

Gina He is gorgeous!

Amy Just what I wanted to see! He’s just wonderful!

Tessa Rice How CUTE is he!!!!!! Beautiful!

Tina R Adorable!

Jennifer He’s beautiful!!

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