In preparation for an upcoming session I grabbed my family and headed downtown this weekend to scout out a new location. A new client had suggested the spot and I was anxious to check it out. Her description sounded exactly like something I would love and I wasn’t disappointed!

I debated about bringing my camera. I have the same debate in my head everytime we go on a family outing. The mommy half of me wants to enjoy the moment and run, unencumbered through the fields like the rest of the fam. The photographer in me just knows that if I leave the camera at home I will undoubtedly be greeted by perfect light, willing subjects, and to die for scenery. It always happens that way. So even though we left the house at high noon (hardly optimum time for photographing) I grabbed the camera anyway. And I’m so glad I did.



Even this big girl who is typically so over my camera let me grab a few shots. And they couldn’t capture her two year old essence any better.

17_2 18

She would do this all day if his arms would hold out…


I adore this new spot. I think you’ll be seeing it more often!

Sus Looks like pure JOY :)

Megan I love all of these! And I’m totally jealous of your shooting at noon, not the ideal time for photographs, but you would never know when looking at these thing!

Cuppa Jo I love them all, but that last shot is incredible – she defies gravity! It almost looks like she’s falling from heaven and being caught by her daddy!

We just had pics done a few weeks ago, and my husband asked the photographer to try to capture the favored Daddy-daughter game in our house – he swings our 3 year old up into the air by her ankles, the reverse of your last picture. It made for an amazing shot, my favorite out of the lot, and a heck of a lot of fun for the 3 year old in the middle on a long photo shoot!

Amy Pensyl I’m jealous of the Noon time shoot as well. Please tell me it was overcast?? I know the hurricane has kept us with cloudy skies lately. These are just beautiful!!

erin Amy…YES…it was definitely overcast! I was preparing myself for tons of dark eye sockets but I lucked out!

Marci These are gorgeous. What a fun family day and great location.

6 degree Amy :) Simply wonderful. Glad the other Amy asked and you said it was overcast. What a great location…fall would sure be pretty there as well. :)

nicki Beautiful Erin, just beautiful :-)

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